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13:44:14 [fsasaki]
meeting: i18n core Working Group
13:44:19 [fsasaki]
chair: Francois
13:44:20 [fsasaki]
scribe: Felix
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scribeNick: fsasaki
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zakim, [ is fyergeau
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+fyergeau; got it
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zakim, dial richard
14:06:16 [Zakim]
ok, r12a; the call is being made
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14:07:24 [r12a]
14:07:30 [r12a]
14:07:34 [fsasaki]
topic: XSL-FO workshop
14:07:46 [fsasaki]
Francois: how to give intput to the workshop?
14:07:58 [fsasaki]
action: Felix to find out how to give input on the XSL-FO workshop
14:08:01 [r12a]
in germany ?
14:08:13 [r12a]
wish i could go too
14:09:48 [fsasaki]
Francois: I would like to give input to the WG, rather than to the workshop
14:11:10 [fsasaki]
topic: action items
14:11:24 [fsasaki]
(minutes from last meeting approved)
14:11:38 [fsasaki]
action: Felix to write a mail about possibility for SVG tiny specific IRI tests to martin and the i18n core list
14:11:50 [fsasaki]
Felix: this was done
14:11:56 [Zakim]
14:12:30 [fsasaki]
see mail from Martin at (member only)
14:16:29 [fsasaki]
Francois: we just wait for Chris reaction, if he does not react, we will follow-up
14:16:48 [fsasaki]
action: Francois to give input to wiki for the LTLI summary (PENDING)
14:16:59 [fsasaki]
action: Francois to send his reply on xml schema to the list (DONE)
14:17:21 [fsasaki]
See mail at
14:17:29 [fsasaki]
(Francois describes the issue)
14:17:53 [fsasaki]
s/i18n core list/i18n core list (DONE)/
14:18:58 [fsasaki]
Francois: put this on the agenda for next week
14:19:02 [fsasaki]
Mary: I will take a look at it
14:19:47 [fsasaki]
action: Richard to send his mail on bidi-override scope in CSS2 and CSS 2.1 to www-international and the style-list, and copy the BIDI-unicode list (ONGOING)
14:20:08 [fsasaki]
action: all to look at charmod resid test suite and gather feedback (PENDING)
14:20:35 [fsasaki]
Francois: also have this on the agenda for next week
14:21:05 [fsasaki]
Felix: better in two weeks, so that we have Richards input
14:21:16 [fsasaki]
action: Francois to build a current issues list on charmod norm (PENDING)
14:21:40 [fsasaki]
action: Mary will make the updates discussed in Mandelieu on ws-i18n (PENDING)
14:21:50 [fsasaki]
Mary: the udates from Mandelieu are still o.k.
14:25:14 [fsasaki]
.. we need more participation from other companies in the WS i18n work
14:25:44 [fsasaki]
.. esp. other implementations from other companies
14:26:07 [fsasaki]
action: Felix to look for possible participants (esp. implementors) for the WS i18n work
14:26:35 [fsasaki]
s/Mandelieu on ws-i18n (PENDING)/Mandelieu on ws-i18n (DONE)/
14:27:24 [fsasaki]
Mary: need to put the editors copy on the W3C server
14:27:29 [fsasaki]
editors copy is at
14:30:51 [fsasaki]
discussion on the status of the relation between policy framework and ws-i18n
14:33:45 [fsasaki]
Francois: would be good to have one document with clearly separated parts, one on policy, one on the i18n specific issues
14:34:14 [fsasaki]
Felix: Mary, have you worked on policy assertions for i18n?
14:34:31 [fsasaki]
Mary: not so far. But is easy to get started with it
14:37:20 [fsasaki]
Discussion on the difference between "domain-specific" versus "not domain-specific"
14:38:06 [fsasaki]
topic: XSL-FO requirements workshop in Germany (part 2)
14:38:37 [fsasaki]
workshop HP at
14:39:07 [fsasaki]
Francois: international requirements are a good thing for XSL-FO
14:41:03 [fsasaki]
Felix: do you think there is interest in the workshop from India?
14:41:15 [fsasaki]
Richard: maybe
14:41:27 [fsasaki]
Francois: there have been announcements
14:41:32 [fsasaki]
topic: working group naming
14:42:01 [fsasaki]
Richard: Philippe Le Hegaret is happy with the core charter and the character model charter
14:42:09 [fsasaki]
.. the ws-i18n charter needs more discussion
14:42:45 [fsasaki]
.. we will recharter before the end of the year or before
14:43:05 [fsasaki]
.. the current naming is:
14:43:17 [fsasaki]
.. "core" for comments and former GEO activities
14:43:42 [fsasaki]
.. "Web Services Internationalization Working Group" for ws i18n
14:43:55 [fsasaki]
.. and the third group for character model
14:44:34 [fsasaki]
.. the question is how to name the third group or possibly the other groups
14:44:58 [fsasaki]
.. the third groups would be for spec work, initially charmod. How should we call it?
14:45:44 [fsasaki]
.. "architecture WG", "i18n infrastructure WG", "i18n deployment WG", ...
14:48:46 [fsasaki]
(discussion on the meaning of the term "core" - a group for spec writing or review / education?)
14:54:13 [fsasaki]
(Richard would like to name the charmod WG not too specific, to be able to reuse the name)
14:57:53 [fsasaki]
Francois: I would prefer "infrastructure" WG
15:01:07 [fsasaki]
Richard: i18n development WG
15:02:27 [fsasaki]
topic: next meeting
15:02:34 [fsasaki]
Richard will be absent next week
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I18N_CoreWG()10:00AM has ended
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Attendees were Felix, [IPcaller], fyergeau, Richard, [IBM], Mary
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