IRC log of webcgm on 2006-08-25

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Meeting: WebCGM WG Teleconference
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Date: 25 August 2006
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I don't understand 'remind mein 9 hours', Chris
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ok, Chris
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Meeting: WebCGM f2f day 3
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Chair: Lofton
07:26:05 [Chris]
Scribe: Chris
07:26:46 [Chris]
07:27:50 [Chris]
Topic: Checking edits for CR version
07:28:15 [Chris]
(group checks the document at )
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Topic: appreciation to host
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08:10:03 [lofton]
Resolution: The WebCGM WG thanks Dieter Weidenbrueck and Itedo for the excellent meeting arrangements and generous hospitality at the Cologne face-to-face.
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(general applause)
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Topic: review of CR changes in detail
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CR draft version at
08:14:39 [thierry]
08:15:57 [Chris]
Lofton: (goes through updates of "character set"to meet the I18N WG comments)
08:22:45 [Chris]
Thre IANA term for symbolencoding is Adobe-Symbol-Encoding
08:22:51 [Chris]
08:28:54 [Chris]
character set is clarified throughout
08:31:09 [Chris]
clarified profoma tosay that there are only four character encodings allowed
08:34:05 [Chris]
Dieter asks if CGMis vcapable of representing RTL text.
08:34:17 [Chris]
Lofton says its in clause 6 of the CGM standard
08:35:11 [Chris]
Benoit wants clarity on whether this is allowed or not
08:37:29 [Chris]
08:37:37 [Chris]
Unicode Standard Annex #9
08:37:37 [Chris]
The Bidirectional Algorithm
08:40:23 [Chris]
Lofton explains CGM directional overrides and glyph vectors
08:42:56 [Chris]
Benoit is OK to postpone discussion tolater today.
08:46:56 [Chris]
Dieter proposes that the type attribute on the hilight method shoud accept both values from picture behavior- add and new.
08:47:22 [Chris]
Resolution: This change was accepted because it brings the methods into line with the picture behaviors
08:59:27 [Chris]
Lofton: are there any objections to these changes
08:59:31 [Chris]
No objections
08:59:53 [Chris]
Lofton: Are we ready to go to CR with this document?
08:59:59 [Chris]
Unanimous agreement
09:00:20 [Chris]
Resolution: The WebCGM WG will request transition to CR with this document
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Present: Benoit Bezaire, David Cruikshank, Stuart Galt, Lofton Henderson, Don Larson, Chris Lilley, Thierry Michel, Dieter Weidenbrück
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Topic: Review transition request
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09:42:41 [Chris]
Thierry leads us through the proposed text
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09:58:27 [lofton]
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The matrix was updated to account for improved test resultsover the last 3 days
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Meeting Adjourned
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