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Meeting: WCAG Weekly Telecon
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19:50:16 [ben_]
Chair: Gregg_Vanderheiden and Loretta_Guarino_Reid
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ScribeOptions: -scribeOnly
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agenda+ Announcements, Questions, and Updates
19:51:50 [ben_]
agenda+ Team C Survey <>
19:51:55 [ben_]
agenda+ Team B Survey <>
19:52:00 [ben_]
agenda+ Team A Survey <>
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20:00:17 [ben]
zakim, list conferences
20:00:17 [Zakim]
I see W3C_(Chevron)2:30PM, WAI_WCAG()3:00PM active
20:00:19 [Zakim]
also scheduled at this time are RWC_WAF(F2F)9:00AM, VB_VBWG(SIV)4:00PM, XML_QueryWG(ttf)3:00PM, WAI_UAWG()2:00PM
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20:00:44 [ben]
zakim, this is WAI_WCAG
20:00:44 [Zakim]
ok, ben; that matches WAI_WCAG()3:00PM
20:00:49 [ben]
zakim, who's on the phone?
20:00:49 [Zakim]
On the phone I see +1.706.324.aaaa, ??P3, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, Bruce_Bailey
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20:01:05 [Zakim]
20:01:10 [ben]
zakim, is Andi_Snow-Weaver
20:01:10 [Zakim]
sorry, ben, I do not recognize a party named ''
20:01:19 [Zakim]
20:01:30 [ben]
zakim, 1.706.324.aaaa
20:01:30 [Zakim]
I don't understand '1.706.324.aaaa', ben
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zakim, 1.706.324.aaaa is Andi-Snow-Weaver
20:01:40 [Zakim]
sorry, ben, I do not recognize a party named '1.706.324.aaaa'
20:01:42 [Zakim]
20:01:43 [Makoto]
zakim, [IPcaller] is Makoto_Ueki
20:01:43 [Zakim]
+Makoto_Ueki; got it
20:01:46 [ben]
zakim, who's on the phone?
20:01:46 [Zakim]
On the phone I see +1.706.324.aaaa, ??P3, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, Bruce_Bailey, David_MacDonald, Sofia_Celic (muted), Makoto_Ueki
20:02:01 [Zakim]
20:02:04 [ben]
zakim, +1.706.324.aaaa is Andi-Snow-Weaver
20:02:04 [Zakim]
+Andi-Snow-Weaver; got it
20:02:23 [ben]
zakim, ??P3 is Gregg_and_Ben
20:02:23 [Zakim]
+Gregg_and_Ben; got it
20:02:25 [Zakim]
20:03:03 [ben]
zakim, ??P9 is Sorcha_Moore
20:03:03 [Zakim]
+Sorcha_Moore; got it
20:03:05 [Zakim]
20:03:09 [ben]
zakim, who's on the phone?
20:03:09 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Andi-Snow-Weaver, Gregg_and_Ben, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, Bruce_Bailey, David_MacDonald, Sofia_Celic (muted), Makoto_Ueki, Becky_Gibson, Sorcha_Moore, Judy
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20:03:30 [becka11y]
zakim, I am becky_gibson
20:03:30 [Zakim]
ok, becka11y, I now associate you with Becky_Gibson
20:03:42 [Zakim]
20:04:07 [becka11y]
scribe: becka11y
20:04:45 [ben]
zakim, take up agendum 1
20:04:45 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Announcements, Questions, and Updates" taken up [from ben_]
20:05:28 [Zakim]
20:05:41 [rellero_]
zakim, ??P12 is Roberto_Ellero
20:05:41 [Zakim]
+Roberto_Ellero; got it
20:05:48 [rellero_]
zakim, mute me
20:05:48 [Zakim]
sorry, rellero_, I do not see a party named 'rellero_'
20:05:58 [rellero_]
zakim, mute Roberto_Ellero
20:05:58 [Zakim]
Roberto_Ellero should now be muted
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20:09:46 [Zakim]
20:10:06 [ben]
zakim, ??P2 is Cynthia_Shelly
20:10:06 [Zakim]
+Cynthia_Shelly; got it
20:10:32 [ben]
zakim, close this item
20:10:32 [Zakim]
agendum 1 closed
20:10:34 [Zakim]
I see 3 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
20:10:35 [Zakim]
2. Team C Survey <> [from ben_]
20:10:37 [ben]
zakim, take up agendum 2
20:10:37 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Team C Survey <>" taken up [from ben_]
20:10:53 [becka11y]
Topic: team c survey, item LC-668
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20:11:29 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-668 accepted as proposed (with type correction) by unanimous concent.
20:11:39 [becka11y]
Topic: item LC-669
20:11:54 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-669 accepted as proposed by unanimous concent.
20:12:06 [becka11y]
Topic: item LC-670
20:13:09 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-670 accepted with amended first sentence.
20:13:21 [becka11y]
Topic: item LC-673
20:13:39 [becka11y]
Resolution: refer LC-673 back to team c
20:14:09 [Zakim]
20:14:25 [becka11y]
Topic: item LC-674
20:15:38 [Zakim]
20:16:18 [David_MacDonald]
20:17:00 [ben]
20:17:55 [ben]
ack David
20:18:15 [Loretta]
20:20:17 [Zakim]
20:20:23 [ben]
ack ben
20:20:34 [Zakim]
20:20:38 [Loretta]
20:21:20 [ben]
zakim, ??P13 is Katie_Haritos-Shea
20:21:20 [Zakim]
+Katie_Haritos-Shea; got it
20:22:02 [becka11y]
20:22:08 [judy]
zakim, who's on the phone?
20:22:08 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Andi-Snow-Weaver, Gregg_and_Ben, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, David_MacDonald, Sofia_Celic (muted), Makoto_Ueki, Becky_Gibson, Sorcha_Moore, Judy (muted), Alex_Li,
20:22:11 [Zakim]
... Roberto_Ellero (muted), Cynthia_Shelly, Bruce_Bailey, Katie_Haritos-Shea, Christopher_Strobbe
20:24:01 [becka11y]
ack bec
20:24:14 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-674 refer back to team c, since we already have a failure about using a table to change the meaning (F49). This probably needs a better name and should be referred to in the response. David to contact team c for a possible additional technique about complex layout tables.
20:24:24 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-675
20:25:37 [Gregg]
ack b
20:26:38 [Zakim]
20:27:01 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-675 accepted with Ben's ammendments.
20:27:26 [becka11y]
Action: team c to add user agent support notes to technique H44 and H65
20:27:28 [Zakim]
20:27:34 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-676
20:30:53 [Zakim]
20:31:54 [becka11y]
Resolution: Add Technique H65 as a sufficient technique for 3.2.4 item #1.
20:32:51 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-676 accepted as proposed.
20:33:24 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-677
20:34:18 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-677accepted with edits from Christophe and Becky.
20:34:39 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-682
20:35:08 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-682 accepted with edits from Gregg.
20:35:17 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-763
20:36:16 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-763 accepted with unanimous consent.
20:36:37 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-875
20:39:36 [becka11y]
Action: Bruce B to create a technique for using data tables to help identify form controls in a form.
20:39:56 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-875 accepted as proposed.
20:40:01 [Zakim]
20:40:13 [becka11y]
Topic: Team B survey - first question
20:40:19 [ben]
zakim, close this item
20:40:19 [Zakim]
agendum 2 closed
20:40:20 [Zakim]
I see 2 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
20:40:21 [Zakim]
3. Team B Survey <> [from ben_]
20:40:23 [ben]
zakim, take up agendum 3
20:40:23 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "Team B Survey <>" taken up [from ben_]
20:42:47 [ben]
ack alex
20:47:30 [becka11y]
Resolution: First question on team b survey about adding a disclaimer about resources: Add to each resources section in understanding and Techniques: “Resources are for information purposes only, no endorsement is implied.“
20:47:42 [Zakim]
20:47:50 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-701
20:48:36 [Zakim]
20:52:37 [Zakim]
20:52:58 [becka11y]
Resolution: Send LC-701 back to team b to review the survey suggestions.
20:53:12 [Zakim]
20:54:34 [becka11y]
Resolution: Accept the following items, 703, 834, 860, 1051, 1126, 1135, 1139, 1297, 1327,1400, where there was unanimous consent in the survey.
20:55:04 [Zakim]
20:55:11 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-704, LC-1103
20:55:39 [Zakim]
21:02:53 [Zakim]
21:04:07 [Zakim]
21:05:46 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-704, LC-1103 – accepted with Christophe’s amendment to change the applicability and to update the response to point out the advisory technique for using no frames in SC 4.2.1.
21:05:51 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-705
21:08:39 [Zakim]
21:09:23 [Zakim]
21:10:16 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-705 – accept Christophe’s editorial amendment and Add to each technique that it is one of a series of techniques for locating content and include each of the other techniques in the related techniques section ( for the techniques sufficient for 2.4.2 ).
21:10:23 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-779
21:11:46 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-779 accepted as amended to include the actions taken to address the comment within the response.
21:11:57 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-915
21:16:01 [ben]
zakim, who's making noise?
21:16:15 [Zakim]
ben, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Loretta_Guarino_Reid (77%), Makoto_Ueki (24%), Becky_Gibson (54%), Tim_Boland (10%)
21:16:34 [ben]
zakim, mute Makoto
21:16:34 [Zakim]
Makoto_Ueki should now be muted
21:18:13 [Zakim]
ben, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Bruce_Bailey (4%), Loretta_Guarino_Reid (25%), Gregg_and_Ben (29%), Becky_Gibson (33%)
21:19:18 [ben]
zakim, who's making noise?
21:19:29 [Zakim]
ben, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Loretta_Guarino_Reid (19%), Gregg_and_Ben (86%), Becky_Gibson (67%), Tim_Boland (56%)
21:19:37 [ben]
zakim, mute Tim
21:19:37 [Zakim]
Tim_Boland should now be muted
21:19:58 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-915 send back to team b to work with Becky to add examples and to also add “available to the user” to 3.1.4 and 3.1.6 as well.
21:20:05 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-969
21:32:38 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-969 sent back to team b to clarify with the commenter.
21:32:43 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-972
21:38:23 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-972 accept as amended.
21:38:36 [Christophe]
zakim, mute me
21:38:36 [Zakim]
Christopher_Strobbe should now be muted
21:38:46 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-1111
21:39:28 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-1111 with the amended example title.
21:40:06 [becka11y]
Ammended Resolution: ACCEPT LC-1111 with the amended example title.
21:40:25 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-1132
21:42:11 [Zakim]
21:45:48 [Zakim]
21:48:09 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-1132 accepted as amended.
21:48:19 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-1137
21:50:05 [Christophe]
zakim, unmute me
21:50:05 [Zakim]
Christopher_Strobbe should no longer be muted
21:51:27 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-1137 accepted as amended.
21:51:35 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-1377
21:54:19 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-1177 accepted as amended.
21:54:26 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-1382
21:55:11 [Makoto]
zakim, unmute me
21:55:11 [Zakim]
Makoto_Ueki should no longer be muted
21:56:22 [Zakim]
21:57:01 [becka11y]
Action: Makoto to verify that the Japanese examples in the glossary, G101 and G112 use the correct grammar and inform Ben.
21:57:30 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-1382 accepted as proposed
21:58:56 [ben]
zakim, close this item
21:58:56 [Zakim]
agendum 3 closed
21:58:57 [Zakim]
I see 1 item remaining on the agenda:
21:58:59 [Zakim]
4. Team A Survey <> [from ben_]
21:59:04 [ben]
zakim, take up agendum 4
21:59:04 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "Team A Survey <>" taken up [from ben_]
21:59:13 [becka11y]
Topic: Team A survey
21:59:15 [becka11y]
LC-603, LC-792, LC-854, LC-940, LC-1062, LC-1164, LC-1224
21:59:25 [becka11y]
Resolution: Accept team a survey items which has unanimous consent: LC-603, LC-792, LC-854, LC-940, LC-1062, LC-1164, LC-1224
21:59:47 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-912
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22:01:36 [ben]
zakim, who's making noise?
22:01:46 [Zakim]
ben, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Cynthia_Shelly (19%), Gregg_and_Ben (83%), Makoto_Ueki (31%), Becky_Gibson (58%), Katie_Haritos-Shea (6%)
22:02:01 [Makoto]
zakim, mute me
22:02:01 [Zakim]
Makoto_Ueki should now be muted
22:09:21 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-912 referred back to team a to consider adding interactive into the SC: “All <ins>interactive</ins> user interface components..... “
22:09:35 [becka11y]
Topic: LC-1442
22:09:35 [Zakim]
22:09:37 [becka11y]
Resolution: LC-1442 referred back to team a to review the survey comments.
22:09:44 [Zakim]
22:09:45 [Zakim]
22:09:46 [Zakim]
22:09:47 [Zakim]
22:09:48 [Zakim]
22:09:50 [Zakim]
22:09:51 [Zakim]
22:09:53 [Zakim]
22:09:54 [Zakim]
22:09:59 [Zakim]
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22:10:07 [ben]
22:10:07 [ben]
Present: Andi-Snow-Weaver, Gregg_VAnderheiden, Ben_Caldwell, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, David_MacDonald, Sofia_Celic, Makoto_Ueki, Becky_Gibson, Sorcha_Moore, Judy_Brewer, Alex_Li, Roberto_Ellero, Cynthia_Shelly, Bruce_Bailey, Katie_Haritos-Shea, Christophe_Strobbe, Tim_Boland
22:10:10 [Zakim]
22:10:12 [Zakim]
WAI_WCAG()3:00PM has ended
22:10:13 [Zakim]
Attendees were Loretta_Guarino_Reid, Bruce_Bailey, David_MacDonald, Sofia_Celic, Makoto_Ueki, Becky_Gibson, Andi-Snow-Weaver, Gregg_and_Ben, Sorcha_Moore, Judy, Alex_Li,
22:10:16 [Zakim]
... Roberto_Ellero, Cynthia_Shelly, Christopher_Strobbe, Katie_Haritos-Shea, Tim_Boland
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22:13:45 [ben]
RRSAgent, pointer?
22:13:45 [RRSAgent]
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