6/12 Afternoon Session I



Speaker: V. Kumar


Charles: how does Opera do on local languages? It depends on the handset. If it has the right fonts, it can do it. India you just declare the font, and the browser changes everything into that font. But they it has to carry huge fonts dictionaries. Desktop systems have supported that for a long time now.


Speaker: We must push people to define standards on CSS. That is the Standard approach abd should be taken further. The Browser people are not bothered, so itís the user who gets worries, as he cannot see his websites.


Dinesh: there is a proper translation system: SIDAC


Navjot: there are lots of Indi fonts on the market. How hard is it to install fonts?


Speaker: you car use UNICODE or something else. Some fonts are available for Nokia though, but not for other brands.


Navjot: so do we all go to Nokia


Speaker: there is no solution,† but we should call for one.


Guido: Each site has different fonts. You go to an Indi site, then another, different font. You have to put all these in your device




Speaker: K. Gopinath


Silvano: How about National Security? Can you track down website access through mobiles?


Speaker: the server knows the calling number.


Silvano: but I can change the card.


Kashinat Kakarla: dealers are obliged to know who they sell the card too.


Speaker: in Kashmere they require to be able track down each mobile


Ken: you talk of a stop gap between now and when everybody will be able to access the web fully from a mobile.


Speaker: there is always something that can be done better than on a mobile. One example is fonts. But the kind of problems you are facing can find a solution sooner or later.


Kashinat: mobiles provide other functions too. Music, Bluetooth etc. How do you see coping with these?


Speaker: Things that are on the web and designed for some application are a problem, but music does not require video, so it will be OK.


Kashinat: for some of the functions you cannot just use a browser.


Speaker: internationalization for ex. Is complex. Multiple languages etc.