We think of the recent period as the age of participation where the user is not just a consumer. Users are actively participating and interacting in creating and sharing rich content and software services. We will present how the Java ME platform enables this lifestyle of participation in the digital network.

When a mobile phone is the primary window into the world-wide-web, there are several technical challenges to be overcome. We will present how the Java ME platform enables existing phones to access the growing number of web services and to be able to publish content directly from the phone.

The Java ME UI development model leverages open standards (SVG/CDF, DOM, JavaScript) to allow creation of rich media/graphics and enhanced UI. This model applies skill sets of graphic artists, java developers and web developers to their respective areas of expertise.

Our interest in the workshop is to understand the challenges faced by developers and content providers, and then help create solutions to address those problems.

We're seeking input on features in the Java ME platform that enable mobile phones to be first-class citizens of the writable web. Networking features to handle the protocols and data formats needed for communicating with web services, including blogging from a mobile phone with photos and videos. Presentation aspects to efficiently present this information to the user.