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zakim, this will be uawg
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ok, jallan; I see WAI_UAWG()2:00PM scheduled to start in 6 minutes
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Meeting: WAI UA
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Scribe: JR
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Chair: Jim Allan
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Regrets: D. Poehlman
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18:04:27 [JR]
Topic: 3.5 Toggle automatic content retrieval (P1)
18:05:29 [jallan]
JR: AJAX can change things on the screen without content retrieval
18:05:49 [jallan]
AJAX can use refresh, etc.
18:06:02 [JR]
CL: On this one, one tech is changing the meta refresh rate
18:06:33 [jallan]
CL: AJAX does not use meta-refresh
18:06:59 [JR]
CL: What is really needed is ua's to know where on screen has changed
18:07:22 [JR]
JA: AJAX seems much more author driven... rather than tool driven
18:07:54 [JR]
CL: This guideline prob isn't the one
18:08:32 [JR]
JA: Think we could use this one to address AJAX
18:09:20 [jallan]
CL: option, if only partial information change, then send focus to the change.
18:09:49 [JR]
JA: Lots of issues Becky Gibson talked about...
18:10:15 [JR]
JA: Several scenarios re focus and information
18:11:18 [JR]
CL: Want configurability for end user so they can decise what to do
18:11:23 [jallan]
CL: is the information provided by the author, provided in a manner, such that the UA can provide configuration parameters
18:12:55 [JR]
CL, JA: If retreival off then info lost
18:14:07 [jallan]
JR: seems outdated. "don't retrieve things"
18:14:55 [jallan]
whether the UA gets the info or not, the more important thing is how the info is displayed and the user alerted
18:18:57 [JR]
Topic: 3.6 Toggle images (P2)
18:20:09 [JR]
CL: Bigger images - what if descriptions are bigger than image area etc.
18:20:27 [JR]
JA: Yes - prob fo low vision users
18:20:46 [JR]
JR: This checkpoint seems underserved by techs compared to rest of GL3
18:22:04 [JR]
JA: Tech idea is make the image a scolling pane
18:22:09 [jallan]
additoinal technique: css wrap=scroll
18:22:52 [JR]
CL: Tech idea - from image context menu, provide descriptions in full
18:23:30 [jallan]
CL: as part of properties
18:24:31 [JR]
JA: We will finish early today.
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Attendees were Jim_Allan, JR, cklaws
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