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18 Jul 2006


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Bob Freund, Tony Rogers, Philippe, Michael, Chris Ferris, Paul Cotton, Martin, Paul Downey, Yves, Carine, Steve Ross-Talbot


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Action Items


Status Reports

Bob: Addressing - significant number of test cases complete. 50% complete. testing will proceed today/tomorrow. using regular telcon slot for this. nothing to discuss until we make further progress on the tests

Tony: had attendance from three orgs. made progress towards completing the testing process. we are getting there. depends on holding a second f2f for this

Philippe: two issues identified. F&P where we have implementations but only for part. problem is that we have no tests for F&P nor use of them either. second issue is MEPs: of the eight, only two are implemented

Tony: other 6 were marked as "at risk"

Yves: For XMLP, we still do not have a chair (see agenda item). we will be having a call to restart work in the interim

Martin:For choreography, few issues with implementation. aside from that, pretty quiet. expect formal model and type system will be published as WG Note

Carine: published first WD beginning of the month. dealing with new issues. f2f at the end of August. also working on example documentt

Philippe: usage scenario document?

Carine: not sure if we want best practices or not. could be quite different. could have one or two different types

PaulC: For Policy, first f2f meeting in Austin last week. overviews of the documents done and some drill-down into issues, etc. named editing team that is producing first WD for the group that we hope to publish as first WD. confirmed next f2f in Sept and tentative in Nov (solicited hosts). we are working through August

PaulD: For Databinding, one issue is practival testing work to demonstrate what we have been doing. tried to drum up support within WS-I community. not sure how effective that response will be.


nothing to report


Philippe: reviews up-coming f2f meetings. Additions from Jacek and PaulC.

WSDL2.0 interop event report

Philippe: Jonathan is not present, so we will skip this too


Yves: we still do not have a chair. difficult for me to wrk on that, vacation. looking at potential candidates for chairing. will have to discuss constraints in the charter within the group

Philippe: will have call tomorrow and discussion will center around one-way MEP... not sure it is really needed for WS-Addressing

Yves: if needed by WS-Addressing, wll be quite late

Philippe: hopefully, we will have decision for next CG


Philippe: W3C received the WS-Eventing submission a couple months ago and we've got 3-4 W3C Members who are asking for a WG since then. I presented the case at the AC Meeting and it was not clear at the time that a WG would have to be created. I still do not believe at the time that we are ready to create a WG. WS-Notification progressing at OASIS and we would have to define the relationship with them. I don't see a desire for consensus in this area. I seek opinions within the CG as to whether we should do something or not

PaulC: why do they want a WG?

Philippe: I suppose to get a W3C REC

PaulC: what do they want changed? Can't they use the submission?

Philippe: not clear that they want changes anything in the spec. They certainly want to use a REC rahter than a submission

PaulC: W3C should use its scarce resources in the manner in which its members want.. not sure what value there is in this.

Philippe: The same value as for WS-Policy

PaulC: WS-Eventing is being used at the hardware level. I don't know who is putting WS-Policy in hardware

<pauld> WS-Addressing is similar in complexity and use as WS-Eventing

Chris: somebody is putting ws-policy into hardware, and any number of the WS-* could end up in hardware.

PaulC: are we talking about changing the namespace?

Philippe: people who talked to me did not go into any specific issues beyond the fact that we don't have a wg.

Steve: don't know why hardware is relevant at all. if enough members are interested in going this route, then it is up to them to deliver a proposed charter and go through the process

Philippe: referring to the second point. charter are only proposed charters by the director. members can propose charters to the team, but do not see that happening here.

Steve: if there is sufficient demand, then these things will happen

PaulC: think that you should continue to collect data

PaulD: always wonder about the question of whether to use WS-N or WS-E. Would it help the situation if W3C was starting a Group on WS-Eventing?

Philippe: I don't think that we can simply ignore WS-N. the confusion is still out there, both are being used right now

Martin: given the reconciliation as mentioned in the paper that was published... I would think that WS-N is doomed

Philippe: thanks for the f/b... we will keep investigating

TMF workshop

Philippe: been invited to TMF tomorrow in the workshop to present the state of WS at W3C. They need to decide what to do in the area of management. which one should they pick, if any at all. just a kick-start meeting. don't expect a decision will be made. presenting WSDL, WS-A, WS-CDL and WS-P which are relevant in this space

PaulD: main problem they have in this space, not sure can be addressed by W3C... lack of bidings to MQ, and other transports. have described things in WSDL, etc. wondering what w3c is doing in this area to help them. Maybe create a registry with all WS-* specs?

Philippe: first goal is to convey information. don't want w3c to make any statements regarding wsdm or ws-man. not sure it will help them to have a registry in order to make the choice between WS-DM and WS-Mngt.

next calls

Philippe: policy is not taking a break in August. will anyone be giving regrets for any of the three calls?

Steve: 15th will be on the beach

Philippe: Will maintain the CG calls to keep the pace going... next call August 1

PaulC: could you get agenda out earlier?

Philippe: will endeavor to do so.

PaulC: reason I am asking is that when we go long time without a call, harder to remember

Philippe: apologies for being delinquent

Steve: What is the state of ISO TC 68 WG4?

Philippe: on my TODO list. Should get to it asap. ISO WG working on SWIFT... Steve was going to join that wg to help them understand CDL.

ACTION: Philippe to follow-up on ISO TC 68 WG4 for Steve [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/07/18-ws-cg-minutes.html#action01]

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Philippe to follow-up on ISO TC 68 WG4 for Steve [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2006/07/18-ws-cg-minutes.html#action01]
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