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zakim, list
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I see Style_XSL WG()1:00PM, WS_AddrWG(F2F)9:00AM, XML_EXI()1:30PM active
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also scheduled at this time is WAI_UAWG()2:00PM
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zakim, this will be WAI_UAWG
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ok, jallan; I see WAI_UAWG()2:00PM scheduled to start in 9 minutes
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Meeting: UAWG teleconference 4 May 2006
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WAI_UAWG()2:00PM has now started
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Scribe: JR
18:06:17 [JR]
Agenda+ WCAG 2.0 official last call review conformance section
18:06:34 [JR]
Agenda+ Review revision 2 UAAG - WCAG correlation table.
18:07:01 [JR]
Agenda+ Review UAAG references/dependencies on WCAG 1.0 (
18:08:13 [JR]
Agenda+ Any comments from the UAWG on the "Mobile Web Best Practices" Last Call
18:08:29 [JR]
Agenda+ WebAPI Links
18:08:52 [JR]
Zakim, take up agendum 1
18:08:52 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "WCAG 2.0 official last call review conformance section" taken up [from JR]
18:09:13 [JR]
JA: My reading of new conformance text is that it is the same as before...
18:09:54 [JR]
JA: They still say you choose the technologies and you conform assuming that supporting user agents and AT's exist.
18:10:07 [JR]
JA: Our comment deadline is May 31
18:11:21 [JR]
CL: Does UAAG say UA needs to conform by itself without AT.
18:11:22 [JR]
18:11:53 [JR]
DP: Actually think UA can team up with an AT
18:12:28 [JR]
CL: We need to update our conformanceref - it mentions WCAG 1.0
18:13:31 [JR]
JA: A uA can conform to a subset UAAG (e.g. visualtext, etc.)
18:14:17 [jallan]
18:19:53 [JR]
JR: A UAAG v.1.1 could change its conformance scheme to allow the developer to choose to point to WCAG 1.0 or 2.0 - their choice...
18:23:55 [jallan]
specific reference to WCAG 1.0 in UAAG conformance
18:23:57 [JR]
JR: WCAG pointed to in only 2 places in UAAG
18:24:16 [JR]
JR: Could change is fairly easily in a v1.1
18:25:41 [JR]
JA: Back to the table...
18:26:25 [JR]
zikim, close current agendum
18:26:34 [JR]
zakim, close current agendum
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I don't understand 'close current agendum', JR
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Zakim, close this item
18:26:47 [Zakim]
agendum 1 closed
18:26:48 [Zakim]
I see 4 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
18:26:50 [Zakim]
2. Review revision 2 UAAG - WCAG correlation table. [from JR]
18:26:53 [jallan]
WCAG 2.0 understanding baseline
18:27:40 [JR]
CL comments:
18:28:00 [JR]
CL: noticed inconsistencies in organization
18:30:11 [JR]
18:34:07 [jallan]
CL: UAAG 9.8 Support WCAG 2.4.2
18:36:10 [JR]
JR: WCAG seems to be assuming the UA has an intra-page text search capability
18:38:21 [JR]
CL: UAAG 10.6 supports WCAG 2.4.3
18:45:05 [JR]
18:46:07 [JR]
JA: How should we frame these comments to WCAG?]
18:47:32 [JR]
JA: this initiall came up in discussion with CMN.
18:47:44 [JR]
DP: Also this is a gap analysis...
18:48:38 [JR]
JR: Also CMN saying UA's could do some of the things that WCAG asking of users.
18:50:33 [JR]
DP: Now WCAG says don't flash, in case uaag we say control flashing...if UA's conformed to UAAG then WCAG wouldn't have to say don't flash...
18:50:47 [JR]
DP: What are we asking of WCAG...
18:54:20 [jallan]
JR: UAWG soucle say here are WCAG cp (p1), here are the UAAG checkpoints that support these cp.
18:55:09 [jallan]
if you want to claim conformance to wcag cp, then you must have identified a UA that conforms to the UAAG checkpoints
18:57:51 [jallan]
yes, UAAG may be too much, but there is a basic set of functionalities assumed/required by WCAG in a useragent
18:58:16 [jallan]
and these set of functionalities must/should conform to UAAG
18:59:37 [JR]
JA: Next step is to cross reference list with reports
19:00:25 [JR]
to see if user agents are already meeting them.
19:00:34 [jallan]
action: Jim, cross reference the table with the conformance reports
19:01:26 [JR]
JR: its important not just that a uaag checkpoint be on the list but that it be associated with the highest wcag priority
19:05:40 [JR]
JA: 4.5 maybe should be added for 2.2.2
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19:08:39 [JR]
action JR: Take updated alignment page from JA and re-org to show Priority view from WCAG
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WAI_UAWG()2:00PM has ended
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Attendees were DPoehlman, Jim_Allan, [IBM], Jan_Richards
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ACTION: JR to Take updated alignment page from JA and re-org to show Priority view from WCAG [2]
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