IRC log of databinding on 2006-05-02

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Meeting: Databinding WG Teleconference
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Date: 02 May 2006
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 3294 (tel:+1.617.761.6200), pauld
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zakim, MarkS is really George_Cowe
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+George_Cowe; got it
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zakim, IPcaller is Ajith
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+Ajith; got it
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see Jon_Calladine, George_Cowe, Yves, Ajith, Paul_Downey
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On IRC I see Ajith, JonC, RRSAgent, Zakim, pauld, trackbot, Yves
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is that ok - I just muted the mike
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I'm in the office - today is a release day so a bit noisy :)
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zakim, P25 is Otu
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sorry, pauld, I do not recognize a party named 'P25'
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zakim, ??P25 is Otu
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+Otu; got it
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zakim, mute otu
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Otu should now be muted
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61# to mute 60# to unmute
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scribe JonC
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scribe: Jonc
14:06:38 [JonC]
Minutes 18/04/06 approved
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scribe: JonC
14:07:43 [JonC]
WG is lagging behind schedule
14:08:33 [JonC]
pauld will be re-issuing document soon
14:15:07 [JonC]
Ajith: have been looking at Issue 12 again this week
14:15:22 [JonC]
Discussion of use of schematron for validation tool
14:17:25 [JonC]
pauld: ideal to have single schemtron schema that identifies patterns
14:17:45 [JonC]
Ajith to develop this over next week
14:19:26 [JonC]
pauld: ideal to have access to the tool from a web page
14:21:07 [Ajith]
I've muted from myend
14:21:07 [JonC]
pauld: ISSUE-35 and 12 closely related
14:21:19 [pauld]
Topic: ISSUE-33
14:21:21 [pauld]
14:22:24 [Ajith]
is it breaking up ?
14:23:43 [pauld]
14:24:19 [JonC]
pauld: this was actually closed last week...
14:24:58 [JonC]
Topic: ISSUE-32
14:26:27 [pauld]
14:26:45 [JonC]
gcowe: ran tests against 3 tools. All treated element list as unbounded rather than a finite maxOccurs for validation
14:27:27 [JonC]
pauld: this means that tools will most likely handle such a pattern
14:28:17 [JonC]
pauld:suggest pattern can be included in basic document.
14:29:10 [JonC]
JonC: need 'design considerations' text to explain that validation may not be as expected
14:29:25 [JonC]
14:30:11 [JonC]
RESOLUTION:ISSUE-32 CLOSED as per paulds proposal with design consideration to reflect validation issue
14:31:26 [JonC]
Topic: ISSUE-34
14:31:57 [JonC]
14:32:54 [JonC]
gcowe: we use schema with request and response documents sharing the same namespace but with seperate definitions for a shared element
14:35:02 [JonC]
pauld: as paul biron indicated it is valid to have element defintions split across multiple schema
14:35:17 [JonC]
pauld but combining these in a schema processor will cause problems
14:36:44 [Zakim]
14:36:48 [JonC]
pauld: schema component designator specification/technical note written to assist developers of processors, this may help understand why problems occur
14:39:36 [pauld]
suggest the SCD spec may help here:
14:39:38 [pauld]
14:42:32 [pauld]
ACTION: pdowney to take ISSUE-32 to the WS-I Basic Profile WG
14:42:33 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-36 - Take ISSUE-32 to the WS-I Basic Profile WG [on Paul Downey - due 2006-05-09].
14:44:07 [JonC]
Topic:ISSUE-36 selection of tools for testing
14:45:29 [pauld]
this issue goes above and beyond ISSUE-4 - collection of known databinding tools
14:46:10 [pauld]
jonc: within BT we have a set of tools important to us - I added to that subset a list of leading tools we see others using
14:46:45 [pauld]
.. we need to ensure we're covering a good number of languages and environments
14:47:14 [pauld]
george: interested to see list of tools linked into validation report
14:49:38 [pauld]
pauld: CR could help us here - I worry that we do all the work for all the different tools rather than getting individual vendors to buy into our framework
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14:51:11 [pauld]
jonc: we need this indicative evidence when writing the spec
14:51:33 [pauld]
pauld: babbles .. what would be the cirteria for NOT including a tool in this list?
14:51:56 [pauld]
jonc: wants a representitive list, 6 Java tools wouldn't be very useful
14:52:33 [pauld]
.. enumerating some kits may flush out others, but with people we have, 6 or so is all we're going to achieve
14:53:04 [pauld]
.. a leading commercial and Open Source tools
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15:00:07 [pauld]
pauld: suggest building a list of all known tools, but use the report to reflect
15:00:14 [Zakim]
This conference is scheduled to end now; all ports must be freed immediately
15:00:14 [pauld]
.. tools we're
15:00:18 [Zakim]
The time reserved for this conference has been exceeded. 5 ports must be freed
15:00:19 [pauld]
.. using
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Attendees were Jon_Calladine, George_Cowe, Yves, Paul_Downey, Ajith, Otu
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thanks for scribing, jon!
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i/this issue goes above and beyond ISSUE-4/Scribe: pauld/
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zakim, bye
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