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Goals of W3C Ubiquitous Web Workshop

Dave Raggett <>

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Keio University, Tokyo
9-10 March 2006

The Ubiquitous Web

Ubiquitous. [adj]

  1. (seemingly) present
    everywhere simultaneously.
  2. often encountered
    [Latin ubique everywhere]

Oxford English Dictionary

Ubiquitous Computing

Ubiquitous computing represents a powerful shift in computation, where people live, work, and play in a seamlessly interweaving computing environment. Ubiquitous computing postulates a world where people are surrounded by computing devices and a computing infrastructure that supports us in everything we do.

Mark Weiser, The Computer of the 21st Century, Scientific American, Sept 1991.

The Ubiquitous Web

The Ubiquitous Web

Workshop Goals

The main objective of this workshop is to help W3C to build a better understanding of the Ubiquitous Web, and to identify potential areas for standardization:

Example: smart meeting

You are scheduled to meet with colleagues and plan to show a presentation using your cellphone as a controller and a networked wall screen as the display device.