Toward Ubiquitous Web appliances

Home appliances have evolved from analogue devices to digital ones, and as the result of the change, the functions of them have been more clearly divided. Functions, like input, output and processing are divided with APIs, and are combined more easily than in analogue devices. For example, camera function and mobile phone function were combined into a mobile phone with camera, through digitalization of both devices. And, the next evolution on home appliances will be occurred related to network functions.

As a manufacturer of net-aware home appliances, such as digital TVs, mobile phones, DVD recorders or car navigation systems, Panasonic is seriously investigating the possibilities of "ubiquitous net appliances." The devices (ubiquitous net appliances) will be connected not only one another but also to some services on the net, and will provide cooperatively a variety of functions to users. The features of the ubiquitous net appliances will be:

Ubiquitous Web will be one of the most probable solutions for the ubiquitous net appliances, if it becomes easy enough to use, requires reasonable cost for home appliances, and attractive enough for service providers. When this conditions will be satisfied, the ubiquitous net appliances can become "ubiquitous web appliances" as well.

I'm very interested in this workshop to study whether the discussion will be oriented (at least include) this kind of needs and use cases.

Shinichi Matsui, Panasonic