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# Preservation
There are existing guidelines about the process of preservation itself. Those could be cited to guide people on how to do preservation. There is also a lot of repositories that exist to preserve data at different levels (institution, national, ...).
There should be something there! In terms of BPs, the following points should be addressed:
* As a data publisher, do you want to, or have to, preserve your data ?
* If yes, what to preserve ?
* Who to give it to ? Only to one archive or several ? One could be mandated to do preservation whatever is quality as an archive is. There are existing certifications (DSA, etc) that can be used to help publishers make informed choices about who to trust.
* Think about the level of access for the preserved copy (public, private, ...)
* The type of data matter for preservation. Publishers need to be aware of that. It is also important to think about preserving with context and thus push not only a dataset alone but also preserve the resources that are needed to make sense of it (documentation, schemas, ...)
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