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Comment LC-2834
Commenter: Tim Berners-Lee <timbl@w3.org>

Resolution status:

4.5.6. You allow servers which do not support PUT or PATCH or POST. Why? A client using such a server will have no write ability at all, and so your spec as a protocol delivers zero value on top of HTTP GET. Suggest change all to MUST, or make two levels of server, one which supports PUT and PATCH and no collections, and one which supports everything.


4.8 PATCH is optional. Suggest a MUST. PATCH is to first order the only thing LDP provides over WebDav.

4.8.2 MUST

Suggest specify a the subset of sparql-update we use at the moment as a mandatory patch format to get basic interop, with possible later extension to other languages.


Something I mentioned in a mail a long time ago is the necessity of doing
atomic flag (P/V) operations with a PATCH.

To recap, you have to be able to do a form of DELETE triple(s) which will FAIL
and prevent any corresponding INSERT from happening. This is top be
able to allocate shared resources.

Eg DELETE { :x :nextID 4 } INSERT DATA { ?x :nexID 5 }.

Hmm. Maybe this is covered by the ETag system sufficiently.
If so, the case should be given as an worked example and put in as a test case.
A collaborative system which allows atomic flag setting is fundamentally more valuable
than one which doesn't.
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