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Comment LC-1988
Commenter: Anne van Kesteren <annevk@opera.com>

Resolution status:

Some comments on

* As mentioned on IRC, node types should probably be capitalized. E.g.
Text instead of text.

* It's not clear from the introduction why we need childElementCount.
Having both linked list and array like traversing for the DOM is already
slightly unclear to me, but childElementCount seems to provide neither.

* I don't understand why 1.1 is marked as informative and section 1. is

* 2. talks about implementing methods where you mean attributes.

* In 2. ElementTraversal is not marked up.

* I don't understand "A User Agent may implement similar interfaces in
other specifications, but such implementation is not required for
conformance to this specification, if the User Agent is designed for a
minimal code footprint." I suggest dropping this sentence.

* It's not clear to me how "For the purpose of ElementTraversal, an entity
reference node which represents an element must be treated as an element
node." works. Does this mean that an EntityReference node also implements
this interface? I suggest dropping this sentence or stating that this
interface assumes that all entities are normalized away or something. (We
should really get rid of syntactic sugar in the DOM in due course...)

* "Accessing this attribute of an element must return a reference to the
first child node of that element which is of nodeType 1, as an Element
object." I don't think ", as an Element object." makes much sense in this
sentence. (Likewise for similar sentences.)

* I don't think the IDL should be in the appendix. It's a useful overview
of what the draft defines. I would also like to see pointers from the IDL
bits to their definitions. As we've done in the XMLHttpRequest
(space separated ids)
(Please make sure the resolution is adapted for public consumption)

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