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Comment LC-1697
Commenter: Henri Sivonen <hsivonen@iki.fi>

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> mobileOK Basic is a scheme for assessing whether Web resources (Web
> content) can be delivered in a manner that is conformant with
> Mobile
> Web Best Practices [BestPractices] to a simple and largely
> hypothetical mobile user agent, the Default Delivery Context.

The draft is premised on a vision about mobile browsing that assumes
special mobile content. Instead of implying a separate Mobile Web, I
think the W3C should push for one World Wide Web with mobile browsers
that can access general Web content.

Mobile access to general Web content can be accomplished in at least
two ways:
1) Putting a World Wide Web-ready browser engine on the mobile device
(e.g. Minimo, the new S60 Browser, Opera for Mobile)
2) Using a distributed UA that puts a thin front end on the mobile
and keeps the main engine on an intermediate server (e.g. Opera Mini)

The premise of mobileOK seems to be that you take the non-Web-ready
thin browser and expect origin servers out there take special steps
to accommodate it.
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