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Comment LC-1573
Commenter: Al Gilman <Alfred.S.Gilman@IEEE.org>

Resolution status:

1. I am not satisfied with what the 'disposition of comments'
document says is the
disposition of this comment.


2. It is a comment about the heuristic value of informative examples,
i.e. it does not
bear on conformance but on education,


3. The examples have been pulled and deferred to the Primer, where
there aren't any
to speak of yet.


.. for the disposition of this comment, please change to

"Overtaken by events" -- the examples in question have been moved to the Primer
and this issue may be discussed further in the evolution of that
document. Out of
scope here after the split into three documents.

[that disposition I would agree with.]


At 11:15 AM +0000 1/4/06, Roland Merrick wrote:
>Greetings Al, thanks for your comments on the content selection last
>call [1]. As part of this you include "Append to class, don't
>replace it ".
>The DIWG assigned this comment the identifier Gilman-5
>This mail documents DIWG's response to your comments.
>DIWG Response
>DIWG believes this is the same issue as WAI-2 and we deal with it
>under that identifier. Declining it here does not imply that we do
>not accept the comment, merely that we believe it to duplicate
>another comment.
>Regards, Roland
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