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Comment LC-1572
Commenter: Al Gilman <Alfred.S.Gilman@IEEE.org>

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- Current 2nd Last Call draft:

Thank you for agreeing with my earlier comments. I think an
editorial glitch remains, however.

The wording in the current draft

>This mandatory attribute defines an expression used in determining
>whether or not the descendents of the element appear in the result
>infoset. If the expression evaluates to a boolean value of true, the
>descendents of the if element appear in the result infoset. If the
>expression evaluates to a value of false, the descendents of the if
>element are omitted from the result infoset.

does not seem to make it clear whether the 'expr' attribute itself
appears in the results
infoset. My impression is that you meant the answer to be 'no.' But
it didn't get into
this paragraph in the specification text.


At 5:07 PM +0000 11/17/05, Roland Merrick wrote:
>Greetings Al, my apologies, should have sent this to you and not
>just to diselect-editors list.
>Regards, Roland
>Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1926-465440
>Mobile: +44 (0)77 2520-0620
>----- Forwarded by Roland Merrick/UK/IBM on 17/11/2005 17:01 -----
>Roland Merrick/UK/IBM
>17/11/2005 14:44
>Greetings Al, thanks for your comments on the content selection last
>call [1]. As part of this you include "Content of
>'if' Element" which starts with: "The specification prose says that
>an 'if' condition "allows control to be applied to "an arbitrary
>fragment" of the host language."
>The DIWG assigned this comment the identifier Gilman-14.
>This mail documents DIWG's response to your comments.
>DIWG Response
>We agree that this is an inappropriate use of the term arbitrary and
>implies more than we had intended. We will use more appropriate
>wording such as "The if element allows control to be applied to a
>wider range of xml document fragments than does the expr attribute
>Regards, Roland
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