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The mobile Web goes where the users go. People demand Web access when and where they need it, using their mobile devices. W3C's Mobile Web Initiative brings it to them.

W3C Highlights Mobile Web at 3GSM World Congress

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and mobile industry leaders, through W3C's Mobile Web Initiative, are making good progress in finding solutions to make it easier for the user to access the Web from any mobile device.

The Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 Working Group recently have reached a preliminary agreement on best practices for mobile Web content. Written to improve user experience, the Last Call Working Draft of Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 describes how to produce Web content and Web sites intended for delivery to mobile and small-screen devices.

W3C invites press attendees of the upcoming 3GSM World Congress (in Barcelona, 13-16 February 2006) to visit the W3C booth at 3GSM06, located in Hall 2, stand G78, to learn more about the latest mobile Web advances from W3C.

Mobile Web Initiative Aims to Provide a Richer and Easier Web User Experience

Users expect to be able to access and explore the richness of the Web from mobile devices as well as from the desktop. Now, with the wealth and variety of information the Web provides, and the millions of mobile device users worldwide, there is even more imperative to resolve these problems, and make the mobile device experience on the Web easy and exciting.

With the support of international mobile industry leaders, W3C recently launched the Mobile Web Initiative, which aims to use existing standards in documentable ways to improve the mobile experience on the Web.

Mobile Web Initiative Work

The Mobile Web Initiative (MWI) is one of the twenty-three W3C Activities. MWI is composed of two Working Groups:

Cooperation brings benefits to all

The Mobile Web Initiative is led by key players in the mobile production chain, including authoring tool vendors, content providers, adaptation providers, handset manufacturers, browser vendors and mobile operators.

About MWI Sponsors

W3C established the Mobile Web Initiative through the MWI sponsorship program and with the financial support of the following Sponsors:

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Contact Europe, Africa and Middle East --
Marie-Claire Forgue, <>, +33 4 92 38 75 94 or +33 6 76 86 33 41 - on site at booth G78 - Hall 2
Contact Americas and Australia --
Janet Daly, <>, +1.617.253.5884 or +1.617.253.2613
Contact Asia --
Yasuyuki Hirakawa <>, +81.466.49.1170

About W3C's Mobile Web Initiative

The mission of W3C's Mobile Web Initiative (W3C MWI) is to make Web access from a mobile device as simple, easy, and convenient as Web access from a desktop device. Through the MWI Sponsorship Program, key players in the mobile production chain, including authoring tool vendors, content providers, handset manufacturers, adaptation providers, browser vendors and mobile operators lead the Initiative. MWI participants develop authoring guidelines, checklists and best practices, as well as a database of descriptions that can be used by content authors to adapt their content to a particular device. For more information see