21 Feb 2006

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Shadi, Andrew, Carlos, Steve, Charlie


Status of work on to-do list

see: http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/2005/tools

shadi - see pending

shadi: see pending
... ichecker is no more
... SSb tools are done

steve: webaim are not responding re the WAVE - suggest we just publish

shadi: we should recontact all developers as we launch to check and update anything missing
... chris pedrick is also out of contact - will use what we know

charlie: cita is also non-responsive - will try phoning

Shadi: w3c will be addedd "real soon now"
... ncam re-assigned to Yehya

steve: several tools were non-responsive

shadi: just do the best you can with an RDF entry for these
... also for 13, 14 & 19
... 20-23 should be given a bit more time

steve: sent a new colour tool from Juicy Studio to the list
... also some tools from RampWeb for S508

Andrew: I contacted "relaxed" and sent an RDF entry

shadi: lets look at "DONE"
... all should now be in the database
... thanks all for their hard work :)
... lets look at "ON HOLD"
... many resemble authoring tools and other things rather than evaluation tools
... WAI team is in favour of adding some of them as there is nowhere else to put them
... eg PDF2HTML convertor & PPT publisher
... they may not come up in a search - just the full list
... may have different interfaces later on eg from authoring tools area
... maybe later on we can add new fields/tags to help clasify these better, eg "conversion tools"
... a) add to tools list; b) add new tags; c) provide different interfaces from other parts of WAI site

carlos: disagree - our list should not contain these

charlie: need to clearly differentiate between the eval tools and any transformation tools

Andrew: what about adding a section on the "overview" page before the disclaimer that desbies aother tool sets and links to "repair" tools list and "conversion" tools list

Shadi: will take this back to WAI team for further discusison
... lets look at "DROP"
... these are candidates to leave out
... lets look at "NEW"
... feel free to take some of these on

steve: I'll take 2 & 3

charlie: I'll take #1 - MS IE developer toolbar

Discuss implementation issues

shadi: three fields added as commonly supplied by tool developers
... spidering; restricted pages; demo/trial available
... taken this into the database - so please recheck your tools in case they support this
... just a quick check - no need to go back to develoepr at this stage
... the tools list {done} links to the archived RDF entry - should make it easy to check

carlos: "Evaluate multiple pages at the same time" is confusing - need to use the term "crawl and evaluate" and/or "whole site" rather than "multiple pages"

shadi: trying to group a few functionalities together

carlos: need to use then technical term - commonly understood, even if not by newcommers
... also need to clarify "password protected" - some restricted pages are due to proxies, rather than passwords
... also concerned about the number of minor languages listed
... also, SQL is not a format per-se

shadi: any more "tool interface" feedback?

search funtionality

shadi: resembles filters, rather than search
... the more filters I select, the smaller the list of tools returned
... most members on EO expected that the more filters, the longer the list returned

any other items?

Carlos: "sql" as an export format
... "development environment" should read "platform supported" or similar on the advanced search page

shadi: some tools do support an SQL interface - maybe it needs to be listed elsewhere

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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