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11:03:42 [Andrew]
topic: Status of work on to-do list
11:03:45 [Andrew]
11:04:11 [Andrew]
shadi - see pending
11:04:20 [Andrew]
shadi: see pending
11:04:32 [Andrew]
shadi: ichecker is no more
11:04:51 [Andrew]
shadi: SSb tools are done
11:06:07 [Andrew]
steve: webaim are not responding re the WAVE - suggest we just publish
11:08:00 [Andrew]
shadi: we should recontact all developers as we launch to check and update anything missing
11:08:26 [Andrew]
Shadi: chris pedrick is also out of contact - will use what we know
11:11:19 [Andrew]
charlie: cita is also non-responsive - will try phoning
11:11:35 [Andrew]
Shadi: w3c will be addedd "real soon now"
11:12:22 [Andrew]
shadi: ncam re-assigned to Yehya
11:14:15 [Andrew]
steve: several tools were non-responsive
11:14:31 [Andrew]
shadi: just do the best you can with an RDF entry for these
11:14:45 [Andrew]
shadi: also for 13, 14 & 19
11:15:12 [Andrew]
shadi: 20-23 should be given a bit more time
11:17:28 [Andrew]
steve: sent a new colour tool from Juicy Studio to the list
11:17:51 [Andrew]
Steve: also some tools from RampWeb for S508
11:19:28 [Andrew]
Andrew: I contacted "relaxed" and sent an RDF entry
11:20:05 [Andrew]
shadi: lets look at "DONE"
11:20:17 [Andrew]
shadi: all should now be in the database
11:21:57 [Andrew]
Shadi: thanks all for their hard work :)
11:22:15 [Andrew]
Shadi: lets look at "ON HOLD"
11:22:40 [Andrew]
shadi: many resemble authoring tools and other things rather than evaluation tools
11:23:19 [Andrew]
shadi: WAI team is in favour of adding some of them as there is nowhere else to put them
11:23:50 [Andrew]
shadi: eg PDF2HTML convertor & PPT publisher
11:24:23 [Andrew]
shadi: they may not come up in a search - just the full list
11:24:54 [Andrew]
shadi: may have different interfaces later on eg from authoring tools area
11:26:46 [Andrew]
shadi: maybe later on we can add new fields/tags to help clasify these better, eg "conversion tools"
11:27:31 [Andrew]
shadi: a) add to tools list; b) add new tags; c) provide different interfaces from other parts of WAI site
11:27:54 [Andrew]
carlos: disagree - our list should not contain these
11:32:05 [Andrew]
charlie: need to clearly differentiate between the eval tools and any transformation tools
11:39:11 [Andrew]
Andrew: what about adding a section on the "overview" page before the disclaimer that desbies aother tool sets and links to "repair" tools list and "conversion" tools list
11:40:15 [Andrew]
Shadi: will take this back to WAI team for further discusison
11:40:29 [Andrew]
Shadi: lets look at "DROP"
11:40:40 [Andrew]
shadi: these are candidates to leave out
11:40:55 [Andrew]
Shadi: lets look at "NEW"
11:41:13 [Andrew]
shadi: feel free to take some of these on
11:41:34 [Andrew]
steve: I'll take 2 & 3
11:42:51 [Andrew]
charlie: I'll take #1 - MS IE developer toolbar
11:43:16 [Andrew]
topic: Discuss implementation issues
11:43:48 [Andrew]
shadi: three fields added as commonly supplied by tool developers
11:44:16 [Andrew]
shadi: spidering; restricted pages; demo/trial available
11:45:32 [Andrew]
shadi: taken this into the database - so please recheck your tools in case they support this
11:45:55 [Andrew]
shadi: just a quick check - no need to go back to develoepr at this stage
11:46:39 [Andrew]
shadi: the tools list {done} links to the archived RDF entry - should make it easy to check
11:54:16 [Andrew]
carlos: "Evaluate multiple pages at the same time" is confusing - need to use the term "crawl and evaluate" and/or "whole site" rather than "multiple pages"
11:55:58 [Andrew]
shadi: trying to group a few functionalities together
11:57:12 [Andrew]
carlos: need to use then technical term - commonly understood, even if not by newcommers
11:58:07 [Andrew]
carlos: also need to clarify "password protected" - some restricted pages are due to proxies, rather than passwords
12:05:26 [Andrew]
Carlos: also concerned about the number of minor languages listed
12:05:57 [Andrew]
Carlos: also, SQL is not a format per-se
12:07:42 [Andrew]
shadi: any more "tool interface" feedback?
12:08:45 [Zakim]
12:09:14 [Andrew]
topic: search funtionality
12:09:35 [Andrew]
shadi: resembles filters, rather than search
12:10:11 [Andrew]
shadi: the more filters I select, the smaller the list of tools returned
12:13:48 [Andrew]
shadi: most members on EO expected that the more filters, the longer the list returned
12:15:21 [Andrew]
topic: any other items?
12:17:52 [Andrew]
Carlos: "sql" as an export format
12:25:07 [Andrew]
carlos: "development environment" should read "platform supported" or similar on the advanced search page
12:26:20 [Andrew]
shadi: some tools do support an SQL interface - maybe it needs to be listed elsewhere
12:27:07 [Andrew]
zakim, who was on the call?
12:27:07 [Zakim]
I don't understand your question, Andrew.
12:27:15 [Andrew]
zakim, who is on the call?
12:27:15 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Steve, Andrew, Shadi, Thomas
12:27:36 [Zakim]
12:27:37 [Zakim]
12:27:38 [Zakim]
12:27:39 [Andrew]
present: shadi, andrew, carlos, steve, charlie
12:27:42 [shadi]
meeting: ET TF
12:27:49 [shadi]
scribe: Andrew
12:27:53 [shadi]
scribenick: Andrew
12:27:54 [Zakim]
12:27:56 [Zakim]
Team_(er)11:00Z has ended
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Attendees were Andrew, Shadi, Steve, Thomas, charlie
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chair: Shadi
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zakim, bye
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