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F2F10 will be hosted by DERI Galway in Galway, at DERI, in the second May May 26-28, 2008.

See registration results.

Agenda & Minutes


Meeting objectives

  • Finalize BLD and SWC Last Call drafts for publication asap after F2F10:
  • Prepare DTB 1st public WD and FLD 2nd public WD for publication at the same time as BLD LC
    • Focusing on what need be in DTB and FLD for BLD to be published as LC
  • Prepare PRD 1st public WD, UCR 3rd public WD for publication asap
  • Agree on the future of the WG (post BLD LC)

Reading List

Publication decisions are expected on each of these documents:

Schedule & Topics

Day 1 (9am-6pm)

  • Morning
    • intro, agenda, objectives, process reminder (what is LC) etc (30m)
    • Review of internal & external comments (1h)
    • implementations (Gary, Igor, Axel, etc...) (30m)
    • DTB review & publication (1h)
  • Afternoon
    • striping, Type-Tagged-XML (1h)
    • metadata, comments and survivability (2h)
    • conformance (30m)
      • including datatype extensibility etc; including discussion of the principles re MUST, MUST NOT etc; not including detailled discussion of specific normative recommandations about that
    • naming conventions; selection of names within naming conventions (30m)

Day 2 (9am-6pm)

  • Morning
    • Presentation syntax (shortcuts etc) (1h)
    • RDF+OWL review & publication (30m)
      • Identification of at-risk features
    • Guide to RIF (30m)
    • naming conventions; selection of names within naming conventions (1h)
  • Afternoon
    • BLD review & publication (2h)
      • Identification of at-risk features
    • PRD review & publication (2h)

Day 3 (9am-6pm)

  • FLD review & publication (1h)
  • UCR review & publication (1h)
  • Publication planning (1h)
  • Admin (next F2F etc) and WG future (1h)
  • Overflow Time (3h)


   Digital Enterprise Research Institute
   National University of Ireland, Galway
   IDA Business Park,
   Lower Dangan
   Galway, Ireland

Facilities provided

  • we will provide lunches, 2 coffee breaks per day and a social dinner (this is estimating around 15 attendees)
  • internet connection and call-in facilities will be provided


  • You find several Hotels recommended by NUI Galway at http://www.nuigalway.ie/procurement/internal/contracts_awarded.html (check the distance to DERI before!)
  • The closest and most convenient Hotel (right across the street) is Westwood House Hotel. We have an agreed corporate rate from NUI Galway with Westwood hotel at 89 EUR per night. Reservations can be made calling there and referring to that you are visiting NUIG requesting the special rate, or via our secretary: Hilda Fitzpatrick.
  • Glenlo Abbey is also very close to DERI (and has a nice golf course :-) ).
  • For ones happy with a friendly and nice B'n'B (nothing fancy, but walking distance from DERI), I recommend Abbey House, which has reasonable rates, clean rooms and an incredible Full Irish breakfast (number of rooms limited, though).

Getting there and away

  • AerArann flies directly to Galway airport from Dublin and several UK destinations. AerArann also opened a new route to Amsterdam 4 times weekly, starting from May!
  • Shannon Airport is the next bigger airport, offering direct flights from the US for New York, Boston, Chicago, for example.
  • Buses between Dublin or Shannon and Galway operate by CityLink, NestorLink, or Bus Eirrann
  • As for local transport, a reliable Taxi company is Big-O-Taxis, telephone number: +353 (0) 91 585858

Other Proposals

These other sites proposed hosting F2F10 are are kept here for historical reasons and potential future reuse.

University of Aberdeen can host F2F10 in Aberdeen, UK.

    • We would provide 2 lunches, 2 coffee breaks per day (I have to check for dinner).
    • Wifi internet will be provided.

Jozef Stefan Institute can host F2F10 at Bled, Slovenia:

    • Proposed dates: 14-16 May 2008 (Wed-Fri)
    • Location: Google maps
    • Transportation: about 35km from the Ljubljana intl. airport
    • Meeting and accommodation in Hotel Park (****). Rates (incl. breakfast):
      • Single room (park view) 112 EUR
      • Single room (lake view) 130 EUR
      • Double room (park view) 136 EUR
      • Double room (lake view) 154 EUR
    • Alternative accommodation Hotel Savica (***, 5 min. walk from hotel Park):
      • Single room 90 EUR
      • Double room 110 EUR
    • JSI will sponsor: three lunches, coffee breaks, and one group dinner; there will be no registration fee.
    • Wifi internet will be provided.
  • Decision has to be made by the end of February!