Test Case Bindings

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{PositiveEntailmentTest |author=Adrian Paschke |status=Proposed |dialect=Core |desc=Test if query (first argument) results in the list of binding values (third arguement) for a query variable (second argument) Expected conclusion is "true", if the query leads to the specified set of bindings For instance, a test case "testBindings(p(?Arg),?Arg,bindings(q,s))" for a test data set "r(q)","r(s)" and a rule "p(?Arg):-r(?Arg)" will succeed. A test case "testBindings(p(?Arg),?Arg,bindings(q,s,t))" will fail. |pformat=Presentation |premise=testQuery(?Query,?Var,bindings(?B1,..,?Bn)) |cformat=Presentation |conc= true }