ISSUE-91: Should we put bounded quantifiers into Core?

Should we put bounded quantifiers into Core?

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Christian de Sainte Marie
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At the 12th F2F meeting, this issue was raised as a proposal to add to Core, driven by requirements from common usage in production rules:

(forall x such than x # C ...) (esp if we need an LC2 for BLD anyway)

Although it seemed like simple syntactic sugar, mainly because of desire to close RIF work, the WG resolved at the 7-Apr-2009 telecon to close this issue w/o action (ie not having bounded quantifiers in core).

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Related notes:

Closed by WG resolution at the April 7, 2009 RIF Telecon, no bounded quantifiers in Core

Christopher Welty, 17 Apr 2009, 15:04:46

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