ISSUE-67: need string predicates string-less-than, etc. (waiting on PS)


need string predicates string-less-than, etc. (waiting on PS)

Raised by:
Gary Hallmark
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in DTB, to compare 2 numbers N1 and N2:
numeric-less-than(N1 N2)
but 2 compare 2 strings S1 and S2:
numeric-less-than(compare(S1 S2) 0)

This is inconsistent. We should use one or the other or both styles for all comparable datatypes: numeric, datetime, string
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Related notes:

At the 12/23 telecon we agreed that this issue is just about simplifying the presentation syntax, so that e.g. a "=" could be used in the PS for equality, and would then correspond to a single predicate.

So we will postpone discussion of the issue until the PS is fixed.

Christopher Welty, 6 Jan 2009, 17:04:31

At the 7-April-2009 telecon, the WG resolved to close this issue by *not having* these special string predicates, and to drop them from the draft DTB going to LC.


Christopher Welty, 15 Apr 2009, 13:41:18

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