ISSUE-52: Specification of OWL & RDF entailment regimes [CP]

Entailment Regimes

Specification of OWL & RDF entailment regimes [CP]

OWL/RDF Compatibility
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Christopher Welty
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Specification of entailment regimes in RDF and OWL for combinations needs to be resolved before RDF+OWL LC (simple, RDF, RDFS, D, OWL DL, OWL Full).
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  2. ISSUE-52 (Entailment Regimes): Specification of OWL & RDF entailment regimes [CP] [OWL/RDF Compatibility] (from on 2008-04-20)

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Closed by WG resolution at the 5/13/08 telecon. RESOLVED: to close issue 52 per the current version of BLD and SWC drafts, with the understanding that issues 33 and 39, and the new issue to be raised about profile mixing, are moved out of BLD critical path as a consequence.

Christopher Welty, 13 May 2008, 16:13:15

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