ISSUE-21: Proposed Phase 2 Requirement: RIF representation of XML is XML* [NOT CP]

Proposed Phase 2 Requirement: RIF representation of XML is XML* [NOT CP]

(no longer used) Design Constraints (Goals, Requirements)
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Deborah Nichols
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Raised at: F2F3 Posted to Issues by Deborah Nichols [DLN]

RIF representation of XML is XML* (perhaps similar requirements for RDF and

[This was item 4.b.1 in]

*Comment/question: Someone please verify/explain this proposal. Issues
editor does not understand the proposal (and cannot find relevant F2F3
discussion). Does this mean that RIF would incorporate XML (also RDF and OWL)
directly as its way of representing those languages? That is, rather than
make a way to represent XML, RDF, and OWL within RIF, just include those
languages as part of RIF? That would be for direct representation of XML
(RDF, OWL) in RIF -- so there is no \"translation\"? Thanks. DLN
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I believe that this can be more clearly stated as:
The RIF should be able to represent arbitrary XML structures as themselves (perhaps wrapped in a quoting

29 Aug 2006, 00:00:00

This issue was closed by the WG in the 4-15-2008 telecon. It is unclear what this issue means anymore and most likely subsumed by ISSUE-38.

Christopher Welty, 16 Apr 2008, 02:55:03

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