ISSUE-18: [POSTPONED] Proposed Phase 2 Requirements: Meta-data or Meta-language support [NOT CP]

[POSTPONED] Proposed Phase 2 Requirements: Meta-data or Meta-language support [NOT CP]

(no longer used) Design Constraints (Goals, Requirements)
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Deborah Nichols
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Raised at: F2F3 Posted to Issues by Deborah Nichols

(a) RIF should support meta-data for currency of rules
Comment: perhaps part of the requirement on meta-data support

(b) RIF should support meta-data indicating the executability of rules
Comment: perhaps in the next versions of the WD

[This was item 4.b.2 and 4.b.3 in]

1. Are the two kinds of meta-data mentioned above (\"currency\" of
rules, \"executability\" of rules) to be handled as annotations, like name,
author, or some other way?

2. See the distinction in the F2F3 discussion between \"meta data vs meta
reasoning\" support (see excerpt below). Does the latter imply that the info
is represented/exchanged in a form suitable for reasoning about rules?

3. Phase 1 Requirements already include RIF coverage of meta-data such as rule
author and rule name. Phase 2 Scope includes under (3.2.2) Syntactic
Extensions: \"Reflection (Reification) -- Reasoning about rules and using data
about rules (rule metadata) is required in many practical applications.\"
How is this point related to the proposed requirements from F2F3 (if it is)?

F2F3 discussion from
wg/2006Jun/att-0131/09-rif-minutes-1.html#item03 is reproduced below:
----<F2F3 discussion>-------------------------------
meta language features
ChrisW: meta language features - phase 2
csma: make two requirements
<sandro> difference between tags like priorities and authors -- meta data vs
meta reasoning
hassan: move it into previous requirement
<sandro> Sandro: we need meta data, not meta reasoning, and
priorities/preferences are part of the language.
chrisw: add a new requirement on meta data
<sandro> ACTION: Sandro to make sure the Requirements in Charter Phase 1 are
in the Requirements Draft, or discussed in WG. [recorded in]
proposed: meta language features go into RIFRAF
meta rules for meta reasoning goes into Phase 2 and RIFRAF
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This issue was postponed by the WG in the 4-15-2008 telecon. It will not be addressed in this phase of the WG.

Christopher Welty, 16 Apr 2008, 02:53:23

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