ISSUE-14: Proposed Phase 2 Requirement: RIF must cover RDF [NOT CP]

Proposed Phase 2 Requirement: RIF must cover RDF [NOT CP]

OWL/RDF Compatibility
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Deborah Nichols
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Raised at: F2F3 Posted to Issues by Deborah Nichols

Proposed Phase 2 Requirement: RIF must cover RDF [F2F3]

See the CSF topic \"Consistency with W3C specifications\" on the wiki:

1. Phase 1 incorporated a Requirement to support RDF Data (Req. 4.1.9, \"RIF
must cover RDF triples as data where compatible with Phase 1 semantics.\").
2. Due to limitations on RIF Phase 1 semantics, full coverage of RDF was
postponed till Phase 2.
3. There are still open questions about what \"RIF covers* RDF\" means and what
it commits the RIF to. See topics raised in the discussion linked below,
(a) RIF can express RDF deduction rules;
(b) a mapping from RDF to RIF is required (what is mapped?);
(c) bnodes are handled;
(d) is RDF syntax covered?
See F2F3 discussion transcript:


This was item 4.b.8 in:
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Closed by WG resolution at the 4/15/2008 Telecon. This issues is addressed by the RDF+OWL document.

Christopher Welty, 16 Apr 2008, 02:49:14

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