The Malware problem

Tim Berners-Lee
World Wide Web Consortium


6 June 2005

The two gods of literature

according to Ted Nelson

A common benefit, overlap of need.-- but a battle.

Negotiation in style

Unexpected Reuse

is the value of the web.

Essential balance between keeping the intent of the content, and allowing the reader control over what she does with it.

The intermediaries

In the last case, this conference is concerned.

The unwanted parties

Users #1 problem?


Somebody Else's Problem?

Spam is mail, not HTTP, but...

By the way, W3C uses SPF records against spam. Please do also.

Causal elements

Avoidable software problems

Unsafe information

We have let this slide too far, empowering the bad guys

Safe information

What aspects of languages are safer

Confidentiality issues

Unambiguity and Accountability

Semantic Web languages

Languages about real things using URIs as symbols


If this an old bug, why isn't it fixed?

Software, web sites, O/S, users all need to change.

What shall we do about it?