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<html xmlns:t ="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:time" >
 .time    { behavior: url(#default#time2);}
  #par1		{position:absolute; top:50}
  #TimerParent {color:black; font-size:16; font-weight:bold}
  #instructions {position:absolute; top:40; left:350}
  t\:img   {height:100; width:100}
  t\:video {height:100; width:100}
function timerTick(){
<?IMPORT namespace="t" implementation="#default#time2">
<t:par id="par1" dur="40s">
	<t:img id="smile" begin="5s" end="smile.click" src="../images/smile.jpg"/>
	<t:par id="par2" begin="0s;smile.end-5" dur="40s">
		<t:video id="video1" dur="3s"
		<t:video id="video2" dur="10"
	<t:video id="video3" begin="video1.begin" dur="40s" src="../videos/pe_video2.mpg"/>
	<t:video id="video4" begin="video2.begin" dur="40s" src="../videos/pe_video2.mpg"/>
<span id="TimerParent">Timer:
  <span id="Timer" class="time" dur="1" repeatCount="indefinite" onrepeat="timerTick()">0</span>
<DIV id="instructions"><pre>
File Name: interval_logic_events_pruning_2.htm
Expected Behavior:
If the smile image is clicked between 5 and 40s:
at 0s video1, video2, video3, and video4 appear.
at 3s, video1 ends and disappears.
if no click before 10s, video2 will end and disappear.
at 5s smile image appears.
when the smile image is clicked we resolve the image end time,
and the following is seen:
when the smile image is clicked, it disappears.
video2 restarts 5s into the clip and plays for 5s,
video3 restarts 5s into the clip and plays until 40s.
video4 restarts 5s into the clip and plays until 40s.
at t=0  video1, video2, video3 and video4 start.
at t=3  video1 disappears.
at t=5  smile appears.
at t=10 video2 disappears.
at t=40 smile, video3 and video4 disappear.