<!--             Copyright: Copyright 1998-2005  W3C (MIT, ERCIM, Keio), All Rights Reserved.
See http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/.
Author: Geoff Freed/WGBH NCAM           
                Version: ver. 1; April 5, 2001            
                 Module: Media Object Module           
                Feature: readIndex attribute         
              File Name: mediaAccessibility.smil  
       Media Components: 3 JPG, 1 WAV 
      Expected Behavior: an assistive device (such as a screen reader) will 
                         announce alt/title/longdesc in the following order:                    
                           1.  carvideo                    
                           2.  scvadvt                    
                           3.  scvlogo                    
                           4.  caraudio
<smil xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2005/SMIL21/Language">    
    <layout type="text/smil-basic-layout">
       <region id="videoregion" top="0px" left="5px" height="240px" width="290px"/>
       <region id="img1region" top="195px" left="5px" height="60px" width="225px"/>
      <region id="img2mregion" top="60px" left="295px" height="50px" width="230px"/>
     <video id="carvideo" src="../video/car.jpg" region="videoregion" 
            alt="illustration of relativistic time dilation and length contraction" 
            title="car video" longdesc="carvideodesc.html" readIndex="1"/>      
     <audio id="caraudio" src="../sounds/caraudio.wav" 
            alt="car main audio track" 
            title="car main audio track"/>      
     <img id="scvlogo" src="../images/scvlogo.jpg" region="img2mregion" 
            alt="sugar-coated vegetable administration logo" 
            title="logo" longdesc="scvlogodesc.html" readIndex="3"/>     
     <animation id="scvadvt" src="../images/scvadvt.jpg" region="img1region" 
            alt="advertisement for sugar-coated vegetables" 
            title="advertisement" longdesc="scvadvtdesc.html" readIndex="2"/>