Copyright: Copyright 1998-2005  W3C (MIT, ERCIM, Keio), All Rights Reserved.
See http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/.
Author: Aaron M. Cohen   
         File Name: layout-regPoint1.smil
  Media Components: 2 JPG
 Expected Behavior: Tests regPoint positioning layout with topLayout element.
                    Show smile on left, frown on right.
                    Cycle the image alignment options from upper-left to lower-right,
                      applying these image alignments to the regpoint in the center of the image.
                    You should see in the following order:
                      - In the lower half part of the topLayout (left to right): 
                        black area, right part of smile, black area, right part of frown
                      - In the lower half part of the topLayout (left to right): 
                        full smile, full frown
                      - In the lower half part of the topLayout (left to right): 
                        right part of smile, black area, right part of frown, black area
                     The three following steps: the same cycle but into the middle of the topLayout
		     The three last steps: the same cycle but into the top of the topLayout
<smil xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2005/SMIL21/Language">
           <regPoint id="centeredTopLeft" top="240" left="160" regAlign="topLeft"/>
           <regPoint id="centeredTopMid" top="240" left="160" regAlign="topMid"/>
           <regPoint id="centeredTopRight" top="240" left="160" regAlign="topRight"/>
           <regPoint id="centeredMidLeft" top="240" left="160" regAlign="midLeft"/>
           <regPoint id="centeredCenter" top="240" left="160" regAlign="center"/>
           <regPoint id="centeredMidRight" top="240" left="160" regAlign="midRight"/>
           <regPoint id="centeredBottomLeft" top="240" left="160" regAlign="bottomLeft"/>
           <regPoint id="centeredBottomMid" top="240" left="160" regAlign="bottomMid"/>
           <regPoint id="centeredBottomRight" top="240" left="160" regAlign="bottomRight"/>
           <topLayout width="640" height="480">
               <region id="left" top="0px" left="0px" width="320px" height="480px" />
               <region id="right" top="0px" left="320px" width="320px" height="480px" />
                <img region="left" src="../images/smile.jpg" regPoint="centeredTopLeft" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="right" src="../images/frown.jpg" regPoint="centeredTopLeft" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="left" src="../images/smile.jpg" regPoint="centeredTopMid" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="right" src="../images/frown.jpg" regPoint="centeredTopMid" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="left" src="../images/smile.jpg" regPoint="centeredTopRight" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="right" src="../images/frown.jpg" regPoint="centeredTopRight" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="left" src="../images/smile.jpg" regPoint="centeredMidLeft" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="right" src="../images/frown.jpg" regPoint="centeredMidLeft" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="left" src="../images/smile.jpg" regPoint="centeredCenter" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="right" src="../images/frown.jpg" regPoint="centeredCenter" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="left" src="../images/smile.jpg" regPoint="centeredMidRight" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="right" src="../images/frown.jpg" regPoint="centeredMidRight" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="left" src="../images/smile.jpg" regPoint="centeredBottomLeft" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="right" src="../images/frown.jpg" regPoint="centeredBottomLeft" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="left" src="../images/smile.jpg" regPoint="centeredBottomMid" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="right" src="../images/frown.jpg" regPoint="centeredBottomMid" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="left" src="../images/smile.jpg" regPoint="centeredBottomRight" dur="2s"/>
                <img region="right" src="../images/frown.jpg" regPoint="centeredBottomRight" dur="2s"/>