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Automated testing of a browser engine — 10 November 2009

“The cornerstone of all testing done on the core of the Opera browser is our automated regression testing system, named SPARTAN. The system consists of a central server and about 50 test machines running our 120 000 automated tests on all core reference builds. The purpose of this system is to help us discover any new bugs we introduce as early as possible, so that we can fix them before they cause any trouble for our users.”

Read more on the Core Concerns blog.

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Test Workshop concluded successfully — 29 September 2009

W3C test workshop participants

The first Test Workshop has concluded as a productive face-to-face meeting.

Work is now focusing on testing Widget Digital signature support in widget runtimes and further review. Your comments are very welcome.

Widget runtime implementors are encouraged to take a look at as it may help them implement an interoperable W3C widget runtime.

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Preparing for the Widget Test Cases Creation Event — 7 September 2009


The test case creation meeting agenda & logistics now have a home at the Test Workshop 2009 wiki.

A list of test assertions should become the reference point for our face-to-face meeting in Germany.

Recently we have some created some scripts for generating Widget digital signatures. The meeting will be very "hands on", so please make sure you are comfortable using zip and editing the configuration document.

See you in two weeks!

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