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Try your mobile browser before you buy — 9 April 2009

In England there are several shops on the high street which sell mobile devices such as:

  • Handset manufacturers - Nokia, Sony, Apple
  • Operators - Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-mobile
  • Independent retailers like Carphone warehouse, Phones 4 U, Currys & like wise

Only recently I've noticed that some stores allow you to surf the Web on your devices, such as the Nokia flagship store in Regent street, London. Perhaps your local mobile shop now offers a similar service?

Where shops do not offer this facility, please take a moment to politely request Internet access in order to test the mobile's browser(s) on your favourite Web applications.

And what test could you use? Try the WCTMB test and please submit the results.

Be aware that some shops seem to operate odd policies when it comes to photographing the device.

There are many different mobile devices with many different features to choose from. Please make a good quality Web browser be one of them!

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