Position Statement of Flash Networks Ltd

This is a brief statement by Flash Networks to the W3C Mobile Web Initiative.

Flash Networks - who we are

Flash Networks enables mobile operators to deliver the best possible user experience for mobile data over 2.5, 2.75, 3G and advanced (HSDPA and EV-DO) networks, through acceleration, smart routing and application enhancements.

With a long-term presence in the wireless data industry, Flash Networks has a deep understanding of both carrier needs, and has capable in-house expertise to deliver answers to pressing provider challenges. Flash Networks knows that:

* Mobile data has yet to live up to its revenue-generation promise.  Providers are still waiting for the rapid ROI on infrastructure investments, the surge in data traffic, and the mass adoption of data services that the launch of 3G networks was to herald.

* Users are finding the mobile data experience unsatisfying, and often frustrating. Perceived network speeds are still significantly lower than wireline, and - with the variety of networks and bearers - service is often patchy and complicated.  Further, the price of rich content applications is still comparatively unaffordable.

* In order to realize the promise of mobile data, wireless operators need new ways to improve the user experience, lower transmission overhead, and ultimately accelerate the adoption of high-margin value-added mobile data services.

Flash Network's mission is to bridge these gaps, and enable wireless operators to provide greatly improved mobile data services by measurably enhancing the user experience, and increasing the profitability of mobile data value-added services.

Flash Networks and DDWG

Flash Network's NettGain solution dynamically detects and optimizes the network to specific devices, changing bearers, dynamic and adaptive content through deep understanding of the entire technical environment. This includes device knowledge, and is affected directly with the important work of the DDWG group