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Test under real conditions

This technique gives a possible implementation for the CategoryBpTesting using cheap or expensive technology.

A lot of testing for mobile services can be (and is) done using emulators rather than actual devices. While this is a lot cheaper than buying a large collection of mobile devices and paying commercial mobile data rates for testing, it can fail to show some important problems. If the emulator is running in a quiet office environment, on a high-quality screen under optimised lighting conditions, using an unrealistic input system (computer keyboard instead of phone keypad, or ergonomic mouse instead of very small joystick) it will not give a true representation of user experience. For issues such as CategoryBpColorContrast or CategoryBpBackgroundImageReadability this could lead to being optimistic about what provides an acceptable user experience.


Implementations Steps:

Test the service thoroughly, both from the perspective of a first-time user and an experienced user.

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