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We can not say that there is a technique to create Link Target ID's. What you should do is make sure that any link that is in some way uncommon is clearly identified. This is help the user to choose if he really wants to visit the page linked. Consider for a example a news site, the user is ready the breaking news and there's a link that says See it the user will not be able to understand that when the link is clicked a video stream starts. Maybe his phone does not support it or he is going to pay for the traffic and he might not be willing to pay for the video if it's too big. For this reason you should make sure that the link is identified properly. When appropriate you might also want to notify the user about a special format. The video could be in WMV or MP4 or another format. The user might want to pick the one he likes best, if possible.

Also check CategoryBpLinkTargetFormat


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