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Best Practice: Ensure that content is suitable for use in a mobile context.

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This Best Practice, as well as CategoryBpClarity and CategoryBpLimited, may seem to be vague or simply re-stating the purpose of the whole Best Practices document. However, they are really trying to encourage authors to think about the Mobile Web as a distinct medium rather than simply a smaller version of something else. In creating content for the Mobile Web, one is not creating a TV programme or a newspaper; and one is definitely not creating a mini version of a desktop website.

Your users are on the move, they have their minds on other things. They will generally turn to their mobile device to exchange or find a particular piece of information and they're going to want and need to find it quickly. Imagine yourself in a crowded public place trying to use your content. That's the kind of environment in which the Mobile Web is often used - clearly this is very different from sitting on a sofa watching TV or sitting at a desktop computer. That difference should influence an author's thought process from the outset.

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