Minutes for 9 May 2007 URW3 Meeting



  1. Brief tour of URW3 web site and wiki
  2. Discuss policy on member only and public email lists
  3. Discuss use case template and Discovery Use Case
  4. Solicit updates to reference list
  5. Other business

Scribe: Kathryn Laskey

Discussion summary:

There were some logistical problems due to the inability of European callers to dial in on the England and Europe numbers. Phone-in to the Boston, USA number worked, and eventually the European members dialed in to that number.

  1. Brief tour of web site and wiki

    Kathy provided urls for wiki and URW3 web site. We went to the sites and discussed their basic structure.

    Most of us do not yet have edit access to the wiki.

    To obtain edit access:

    We will add you to the access list and send you an email letting you know we have done this

  2. Policy on public and member only sites

    There was a discussion on our policy for public and private discussions. There was consensus that:

  3. Use case template and Discovery use case

    The template and the Discovery use case were prepared for the 2006 ISWC workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web (URSW06). It is intended as a starting point from which we can iterate.

    There were several suggestions for additional information to be part of use cases, such as links to data, experiments. There was concern that these use cases are insufficiently detailed to form a basis for developing requirements for uncertainty.

    The point was made that this may represent the "next level" beyond a use case.

    The consensus was that people will use the template as a suggestion, and begin entering use cases. People can coalesce around use cases they want to work on, and develop them to the necessary level of detail.

    Peter has comments on the Discovery use case. Those with comments should enter them on the discussion page for the use case.

    The use cases from URSW 2006 will be scanned in and linked with access to members only. Those who want to refine the workshop use cases can do so and turn them into publicly available use cases, with acknowledgements as appropriate to the original authors.

  4. Solicit updates to reference list

    The wiki contains a reference list. Everyone is encouraged to update as appropriate.

    There was a discussion of the scope of the reference list. The consensus was that the entire field of computational representation of and reasoning under uncertainty is far too broad, although a few good surveys and seminal literature would be OK. We should focus primarily on literature on uncertainty in the semantic web.

Action items

  1. Kathy and Ken to scan in URSW use cases
  2. Everyone subscribe to wiki
  3. Everyone work on use cases