Agenda for 11 July 2007 URW3 Telecon

  1. Approve minutes from 27 June 2007 meeting.  Note, the minutes are linked from
  2. Review status of action items from previous meeting.
  3. Discuss report outline

        Initial XG report outline
        I. Introduction (what is problem)
        II. Use case compilation
             A. Intent and process (including uncertainty ontology)
             B. Collected use cases
                  1. For each use case
                       a. Use case description (from wiki)
                       b. Aspects of uncertainty reasoning demonstrated by this use case
                       c. Methodologies that can be applied
                       d. Information needed to support methodology that is not currently captured through standards
                  2..n Use cases 2..n
        III. Opportunities for standardization
             A. Goals of standardization
             B. Aspects of uncertainty reasoning for potential standardization
                  (common aspects identified in use cases)
             C. Methodologies that would be supported by potential standardization
        IV. Recommendations
             A. Overall conclusions of XG work
             B. Specific recommendations for standardization (if any)
        Appendix - methodology references
  4. Review purpose of use cases and guidelines to structure use case discussions.
  5. Discuss Recommendation and Belief Fusion use cases.  (In preparation, please read these use cases.)
  6. Establish/review discussion schedule for next several meetings.
  7. Schedule telecons for July and August.
  8. Other business