Strategic Initiatives White Paper

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OWEA Strategic Initiatives for 2009-2010

In order to make the OWEA Vision a reality, we will focus on the following initiatives in 2009-2010:

  1. Web Education W3C Activity - Establish the Open Web Education Alliance as a sustainable W3C Activity that engages practitioners, educators and researchers while simultaneously furthering the potential of the web and society.
  2. Web Craft Pilot Programs - A model Web Craft program in at least one university, one community college and one high school.
  3. Open Web Education Curriculum - Adopt the InterAct Curriculum Framework and create a course content policy to facilitate its evolution to meet the needs of educators, industry and the open web.
  4. Initial Outreach Activities
    • Web Education Rocks Bands (Local Chapters) - provide an opportunity for people to affiliate with the open web cause and contribute to the improvement of web education.
    • Web Education Rocks Tours - Face-to-Face events where web educators and experts share the vision, curricula and success stories of the next generation of web professionals.

Recommendations for each of these strategic initiatives are discussed in the sections to follow.

« Contributing Organizations | OWEA White Paper - Table of Contents | Type of Organization »