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Pasquale Popolizio

Email: <pasquale.popolizio AT SPAMFREE websemantico DOT org>


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  <foaf:Person rdf:ID="pasquale">
    <foaf:name>Pasquale Popolizio</foaf:name>
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    <dc:description>Pasquale is a Web accessibility specialist and  
a Web Semantic researcher, from Naples, Italy, UE.
He is a W3C WAI Education &amp; Outreach WG, Internationalization (I18N) Guidelines, Education &amp; Outreach and Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group good standing member. He created and  
maintains the Italian resource about Sem Web,,  
where you can find articles and Italian translation about Sem Web.  
Maybe he's not a very skilled Web Sem person, but he really want to  
help to realize the best support for Sem Web.
His desire: an accessible Web more Semantic, and a Semantic Web more accessible.