IRC log of rif on 2005-12-10

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00:00:20 [hak]
please use the mike ro speak up.
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00:01:01 [PaulV]
HB: Phase 1 = horn logic: what are needs for phase 2 which needs to be defined in phase 1
00:01:51 [PaulV]
Michael: continue 3 groups for progress to discuss in telcons...
00:03:19 [PaulV]
HB: classification meanings: of rules or of use cases - latter already started [CSMA: classifying uses cases for use case group]
00:03:51 [PaulV]
Michael: Classify use cases by rules after classifying rules
00:04:29 [PaulV]
CSMA: call for interest in classification group .... about 50%
00:05:32 [PaulV]
CSMA: Clarification: interest in active or observing participant
00:05:53 [hassan]
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00:06:17 [PaulV]
CSMA: Who is interested in all 3 areas? If all, then no need for 3 conf calls...
00:07:33 [sandro]
00:07:33 [hassan]
00:08:02 [hassan]
who's apeaking?
00:08:10 [bijan]
I was
00:08:19 [hassan]
good point!
00:08:23 [bijan]
Thanks :)
00:08:24 [PaulV]
Bijan: push task forces as need arises (2nded by Said and CSMA)
00:08:53 [PaulV]
Sandro: repeats last stmt
00:09:18 [PaulV]
Hassan: repeats last stmt again
00:09:22 [bijan]
00:10:41 [PaulV]
Michael: SWSL didn't progress until split up to work [CSMA: supposed to work between meetings]
00:10:57 [bijan]
I'll point out that we split into groups *twice* in SWSL, and the first time nothing happened
00:11:03 [bijan]
So splitting is not sufficient
00:11:19 [bijan]
And it's probably not necessary
00:11:46 [PaulV]
Dieter: agrees with Michael
00:12:49 [PaulV]
CSMA: weekly call may not be needed for task groups; issue is getting started
00:13:48 [PaulV]
CSMA: will start by not splitting and see how it works
00:15:44 [PaulV]
BenG: topic for next telcon: issue of coordinating multiple task forces, wrt spec esp
00:16:53 [PaulV]
AllenG: need to get [early] agmt on use cases to drive requmts for classification and spec and phase2
00:18:33 [PaulV]
ChrisW: who are contributors? identify...
00:19:25 [PaulV]
Bijan: need fine grained schedule for 1st working draft of use case and requmts --- due in Feb
00:20:02 [PaulV]
Bijan: work plan?
00:21:04 [PaulV]
Sandro: strawplan: 1st draft by 2nd telcon in Jan for use cases
00:21:33 [PaulV]
<discussion on draft for rule classification time>
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00:22:14 [PaulV]
AllenG: Suggests: use cases next week for call on 20th to move fwd with
00:22:20 [PaulV]
CSMA 2nds
00:22:50 [bijan]
Do we have an UC&R editor?
00:22:56 [bijan]
00:23:06 [hassan]
00:23:12 [PaulV]
CSMA: 1st draft by 10th Jan
00:25:09 [PaulV]
HB: who is editor? Call for volunteers for committee of editors? No alternative?
00:25:40 [PaulV]
Bijan: more efficient to discuss edited use cases rather than raw for quicker progress...
00:26:32 [PaulV]
CSMA: from NOW on use cases on Wiki should be edited form
00:26:35 [bijan]
By "edited" I mean "edited by the editors of the UC&R"
00:27:02 [PaulV]
HB: need open process
00:27:49 [JosD]
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00:28:16 [PaulV]
CSMA: everyone who wants to contribute should...
00:28:37 [PaulV]
EvanW: answer is yes
00:29:04 [PaulV]
CSMA: use cases are on Wiki: retainment is a concensus decision
00:31:03 [igor]
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00:31:08 [PaulV]
BenG: various detail / formats: we should be permissive now and formatting later...
00:31:34 [PaulV]
CSMA: format will be type of info rather than doc syntax
00:31:46 [PaulV]
Bijan: disagree
00:32:21 [PaulV]
BenG: ... hence issues...
00:32:30 [bijan]
That was Peter :)
00:32:34 [bijan]
I agreed with peter
00:32:37 [bijan]
But it was Peter speaking :)
00:32:40 [PaulV]
Oops apols
00:32:52 [bijan]
No problem
00:33:13 [PaulV]
ChrisW: will do Wiki template
00:33:52 [PaulV]
CSMA: to make use case considered make it considerable [end quote]
00:34:42 [PaulV]
CSMA: do same for classification?
00:35:29 [PaulV]
CSMA: bit later schedule - staggered - 2 wks later for 1st editor draft on Jan 24
00:36:18 [PaulV]
Sandro: Use cases --> requmts and Classification --> requmts so same editors?
00:36:33 [PaulV]
EvanW: editor for use case and requmts?
00:36:41 [PaulV]
Sandro: scope changed?
00:37:14 [PaulV]
CSMA: we identified 2 srcs of requmts: use cases and classifications - will need to be in the same doc
00:37:44 [PaulV]
... should someone else do prep work for rqmts from classification ie 2 editors?
00:38:23 [PaulV]
Sandro: reasonable to have 2 editors if 2 doc parts are very separate
00:39:38 [PaulV]
ChrisW: Prefer keep 3 work items and editing into docs can become clear [later]
00:40:09 [PaulV]
ChrisW: want commitments on contributors
00:42:02 [sandro]
CLassivfation: Benjamin, Paula, Guizhen, Mala , Deborah Nichols, Allen Ginsberg, Holger, Pan, Menzel, Harold, Vassilis, Donald Chapin, \
00:43:20 [sandro]
ACTION ChrisW: post that list to e-mail and solicit more members
00:43:36 [Hirtle]
*raises hand for use cases*
00:44:14 [sandro]
UseCases: Benjamin, Hirtle, PaulV, Said, IGor, Mala, JohnHall, Philipe, DeboragN, AllenG, Evan, MichaelKifer, Jing, GiorgosStamou
00:45:01 [sandro]
UseCases+ Harold, DonaldCHapin
00:46:19 [sandro]
OWL+RDF_Comapt: Bijan, PFPS, MikeDean, DaveR, Andreas, Markus, MichaelSIntek, Guizhen, JenPan, JosdB, Dieter, Eliza, Evan, MichaelKifer, Jing,
00:46:27 [sandro]
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00:49:03 [PaulV]
Bijan: initial doc on OWL+RDF initial thoughts by end Jan
00:49:35 [PaulV]
CSMA: will contain requmts
00:50:00 [vassilis]
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00:50:38 [PaulV]
Bijan: clarification: input to drive requmts - not intended for publish
00:50:53 [PaulV]
CSMA: who?
00:51:48 [saidtabet]
00:52:36 [saidtabet]
00:52:52 [PaulV]
CSMA: 1 person responsible? who chair can ask about status...
00:53:24 [sandro]
Peter volunteered to edit OWL Compat
00:53:35 [PaulV]
ChrisW: Peter for OWL_RDF doc; ChrisW for classification doc; ...
00:54:11 [PaulV]
Dieter: need 2 editors for OWL + RDF...?
00:54:15 [sandro]
JosDeBruijn volunteers to be editor
00:54:50 [PaulV]
ChisW: all can contribute so no need for 2 editors...
00:55:19 [bijan]
00:57:00 [PaulV]
Discussion: the OWL+RDF doc need not be draft of compatibility doc
00:57:15 [PaulV]
HB: be inclusive: 2 is OK
00:59:48 [PaulV]
[discussion continues...]
01:02:22 [PaulV]
Sandro: commits to push progress + organise WIKI
01:04:01 [PaulV]
BenG: editor != facilitator: proposed OWL + RDF compatibility may not be left to task group [Sandro - role will mitigate this]
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01:05:20 [PaulV]
ChrisW: secret handshake is ...
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01:06:53 [PaulV]
Peter: next mtg [face2face at Cannes, days TBA 27Feb-3Mar; days will be picked outside of RIFWG]
01:08:25 [PaulV]
ChrisW: CLoses mtg.......... EOM
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Attendees were hassan, Giorgos_Stamou, +1.650.347.aaaa, meeting_room, +1.506.444.aabb, Hirtle, jjc, +1.650.347.aacc
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