SPDL Example: Amazon and CiteSeer


This document shows example executions of SPARQL queries that relying on web services. These use WSDL annotated with SPDL.

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Example — annotated Amazon Web Services WSDL

This is a working excerpt of the Amazone Web Services WSDL currently used at Amazon. It shows:

Most of the elements are abbreviated. Hovering with the mouse or copying the region should get you the compete text.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


  <message name="ItemSearchRequestMsg">
    <part name="body" element="tns:ItemSearch"/>
  <message name="ItemSearchResponseMsg">
    <part name="body" element="tns:ItemSearchResponse"/>
  <message name="ItemLookupRequestMsg">
    <part name="body" element="tns:ItemLookup"/>
  <message name="ItemLookupResponseMsg">
    <part name="body" element="tns:ItemLookupResponse"/>
  <portType name="AWSECommerceServicePortType">
    <operation name="ItemSearch">
      <input message="tns:ItemSearchRequestMsg"/>
      <output message="tns:ItemSearchResponseMsg"/>
    <operation name="ItemLookup">
      <input message="tns:ItemLookupRequestMsg"/>
      <output message="tns:ItemLookupResponseMsg"/>
  <binding name="AWSECommerceServiceBinding" type="tns:AWSECommerceServicePortType">
    <soap:binding style="document" transport="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/http"/>

  <service name="AWSECommerceService">
    <port name="AWSECommerceServicePort" binding="tns:AWSECommerceServiceBinding">
      <soap:address location="http://soap.amazon.com/onca/soap?Service=AWSECommerceService"/>
      <!-- soap:address location="http://localhost:8000/onca/soap?Service=AWSECommerceService"/ -->

Result Set

@@todo@@ add a discussion of the process model and the effects on the result set. Hare are some raw materials:


Find out if Amazon has the publictions listed in a book's bibliography.:

PREFIX amazon: <http://amazon...>
PREFIX citeseer: <http://citeseer...>
SELECT ?who ?mid

     GRAPH ?ep1
         ?book amazon:title "Databases for Dummies" .
         ?book amazon:author "C.J. Date" .
         ?book amazon:isbn ?isbn1
     ?service spdl:operation <http://amazon...> .
     ?service spdl:endPoint ?ep1


     GRAPH ?citeseerep
         ?citation citeseer:isbn ?isbn1 .
         ?citation citeseer:title ?title .
         ?citation bin:author ?author
     ?service spdl:operation <http://citeseer...>
     ?service spdl:endPoint ?citeseerep


     GRAPH ?ep1
         ?book amazon:title ?title .
         ?book amazon:author ?author
         ?book amazon:isbn ?isbn2



PREFIX amazon: <http://amazon...>
PREFIX citeseer: <http://citeseer...>
SELECT ?who ?mid


     GRAPH ?ep1
         ?book amazon:title "Databases for Dummies" .
         ?book amazon:author "C.J. Date" .
         ?book amazon:isbn ?isbn1
     ?service spdl:operation <http://amazon...> .
     ?service spdl:endPoint ?ep1

|8    |

     GRAPH ?citeseerep
         ?citation citeseer:isbn ?isbn1 .
         ?citation citeseer:title ?title .
         ?citation bin:author ?author
     ?service spdl:operation <http://citeseer...>
     ?service spdl:endPoint ?citeseerep

|8    | foo | bob |
|8    | bar | joe |

     GRAPH ?ep1
         ?book amazon:title ?title .
         ?book amazon:author ?author
         ?book amazon:isbn ?isbn2

|8    | foo | bob | 7   |
|8    | bar | joe | 9   |


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