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zakim, this will be ert
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ok, shadi; I see WAI_ERTWG()10:00AM scheduled to start in 15 minutes
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meeting: ERT WG
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regrets: Nick, Charles
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chair: Shadi
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WAI_ERTWG()10:00AM has now started
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+ +1.514.878.aaaa
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zakim, aaaa is really Shadi
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+Shadi; got it
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15:04:34 [Sandor]
take up agendum 1
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zakim, ipcaller is really chris
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15:05:09 [Sandor]
agenda + HTTP in RDF
15:05:24 [Sandor]
agenda + Robust metadata
15:05:36 [Sandor]
agenda + using locations with XPath
15:05:51 [Sandor]
take up agendum 1
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zakim, nacho is really CarlosI
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15:08:07 [Sandor]
JK: added additional header properties
15:10:42 [Sandor]
JK: cookie header in netscape spec. / classes uppercase first letter / props lower case
15:11:42 [Sandor]
JK: divided into URI host port and absPath
15:12:33 [Sandor]
SA: put stuff into usefull namespace
15:13:28 [Sandor]
SA: now we have 5 different namespaces
15:14:15 [Sandor]
JK: rfc2965 redefined cookie header
15:14:35 [Sandor]
SA: what cookie is more deployd
15:14:58 [Sandor]
JK: name is the same, value may be different
15:15:55 [Sandor]
SA: netscape cookie part, actual description in commend
15:16:40 [Sandor]
JK: in the commend described: this header is defined in rfc...
15:17:22 [Sandor]
SA: should have pointer to the sources where it's based - like rdf:seeAlso
15:18:15 [Sandor]
SA: cookies part: see what differences are in there - should forward to the annotea people, what we have come up with, give them a couple of tweaks
15:18:22 [Sandor]
JK: agrees
15:19:27 [Sandor]
SA: prop. next weeks, send out comment, edit working group note
15:19:46 [Sandor]
CV: should have it before february
15:20:20 [Sandor]
SA: 3-4 weeks should be enough to commend
15:21:40 [Sandor]
take up agendum 2
15:22:08 [Sandor]
SA: robust metadata from nick, unfortunately nick is not here :(((
15:24:20 [Sandor]
SA: something that should be on top of EARL
15:25:21 [Sandor]
SA: lot's of the checkpoints have dependecies, sometimes they're clear sometimes not
15:26:24 [Sandor]
SA: table: if we hash the table, some cp apply to the table not outside - aslong as no changes outside the table happen nothing happens
15:27:15 [Sandor]
JK: more about how to implement the checking tool (easier for the programmer) - less for the EARL report
15:28:17 [Sandor]
JK: if table does not change compare hashes ...
15:30:35 [Sandor]
SA: many of the WCAG cp, can be described by what is the relationship to others
15:31:16 [Sandor]
SA: e.g. image + description, can be hashed easily
15:31:30 [Sandor]
JK: and the context does not change
15:31:57 [Sandor]
SA: in many cases the context can be described by a hash
15:33:09 [Sandor]
SA: should EARL express some of these persistency mechanisms?
15:33:35 [Sandor]
SA: who is interessted working on this issue?
15:35:11 [Sandor]
CV: what about the reliability of these descriptions - comparing docs/results
15:36:00 [Sandor]
CV: use case: something cases in the page even if the xpath does not
15:36:38 [Sandor]
SA: table: today manual eval, if we run test tomorrow can we reuse the result?
15:37:09 [Sandor]
SA: need some kind of persistency, else we would have to run test again
15:38:03 [Sandor]
SA: can be define priority levels on this issue?
15:38:49 [Sandor]
JK: could be helpfull for manual checks
15:39:39 [Sandor]
SA: some tools combine manual/automatic checks
15:40:28 [Sandor]
SA: being able to reuse test results, is this useful?
15:40:43 [Sandor]
CR: this is really important
15:42:59 [Sandor]
JK: if there is a possibility to reduce the number of checks for manual evaluators -> this is good, does not make sense for automatic checks
15:43:54 [Sandor]
SA: what is the priority on this for the ERT WG?
15:44:05 [Sandor]
15:45:41 [Sandor]
SA: seems to be no key issue for the group
15:46:01 [Sandor]
take up agendum 3
15:48:24 [Sandor]
JK: if you don't have access to the the namespace mapping, no mapping unless you get an element / prefix namespace mapping
15:49:03 [Sandor]
JK: no requirement for a docs to use prefixes
15:49:37 [Sandor]
JK: if you want to locate elements, you normally take prefixes (map to URI)
15:50:31 [Sandor]
SA: if the tool know how to map, it can figure out it anyway
15:51:24 [Sandor]
JK: XPATH uses prefixes, these can be mapped, element uses namespaces, they may use prefixes but they are not required to
15:57:04 [Sandor]
ACTION: (For all) think about the XPATH issue, and solutions about it
15:58:07 [Sandor]
SA: XML docs has doctype (e.g. XHTML), though the literal is in the same namespace
16:00:52 [Zakim]
16:02:55 [Sandor]
JK: several locs in the report, put it outside and used namespace class for the mapping
16:03:57 [Sandor]
SA: for all again, use XPATH parsers and give feedback :)
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16:04:17 [Zakim]
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zakim, bye
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ACTION: (For all) think about the XPATH issue, and solutions about it [1]
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