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14:49:34 [JibberJim]
Hi shadi, I've got a phone problem, I may not be on the call
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14:49:43 [shadi]
14:49:53 [shadi]
zakim, this will be ert
14:49:53 [Zakim]
ok, shadi; I see WAI_ERTWG()10:00AM scheduled to start in 11 minutes
14:50:09 [JibberJim]
I'm on a client-site and VOIP isn't working and I've not got a regular phone, I'm trying to find out if I can use one of their phones.
14:51:05 [shadi]
persuade them with a beer maybe?
14:51:13 [JibberJim]
14:51:14 [shadi]
meeting: ERT WG
14:51:24 [shadi]
14:51:44 [shadi]
agenda+ Debrief from face to face meeting
14:51:56 [shadi]
agenda+ Update from the Evaluation Tools Task Force (ET TF)
14:52:05 [shadi]
agenda+ extending the experimental HTTP namespace
14:52:13 [shadi]
agenda+ using locations with XPath
14:52:24 [shadi]
agenda+ Robust metadata revisited
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WAI_ERTWG()10:00AM has now started
15:00:13 [Zakim]
15:00:26 [Zakim]
15:01:19 [shadi]
zakim, thomas is really johannes, carlos
15:01:19 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'thomas is really johannes, carlos', shadi
15:01:24 [shadi]
zakim, thomas is really johannes carlos
15:01:24 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'thomas is really johannes carlos', shadi
15:01:30 [shadi]
zakim, thomas is really johannes
15:01:30 [Zakim]
+johannes; got it
15:01:43 [shadi]
zakim, johannes has carlos
15:01:43 [Zakim]
+carlos; got it
15:02:10 [Zakim]
15:02:55 [shadi]
zakim, ??p10 is really chris
15:02:55 [Zakim]
+chris; got it
15:05:08 [ChrisR]
zakim, take up item 1
15:05:08 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Debrief from face to face meeting" taken up [from shadi]
15:07:16 [ChrisR]
everyone to complete action items from FTF
15:08:09 [Zakim]
15:08:15 [ChrisR]
we should be working on schema and update soon
15:09:35 [ChrisR]
Shadi will update soon with resolutions from FTF
15:09:50 [ChrisR]
zakim, close item 1
15:09:50 [Zakim]
agendum 1, Debrief from face to face meeting, closed
15:09:51 [Zakim]
I see 4 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
15:09:52 [Zakim]
2. Update from the Evaluation Tools Task Force (ET TF) [from shadi]
15:10:00 [ChrisR]
zakim, take up item 2
15:10:00 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Update from the Evaluation Tools Task Force (ET TF)" taken up [from shadi]
15:10:42 [ChrisR]
ET TF has started!
15:11:13 [ChrisR]
all tool info will be entered in structured form in database
15:11:59 [ChrisR]
SAZ: what to do about some tools that could be deleted? We'll bring up at tomorrow's ETTF meeting.
15:12:55 [ChrisR]
SAZ: will contact Jim re his ER tools.
15:13:49 [ChrisR]
zakim, close item 2
15:13:49 [Zakim]
agendum 2, Update from the Evaluation Tools Task Force (ET TF), closed
15:13:51 [Zakim]
I see 3 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
15:13:52 [Zakim]
3. extending the experimental HTTP namespace [from shadi]
15:13:59 [ChrisR]
zakim, take up item 3
15:13:59 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "extending the experimental HTTP namespace" taken up [from shadi]
15:14:37 [ChrisR]
SAZ: Eric P suggested we extend schema to describe delivery unit. JK has drafted something...
15:15:18 [ChrisR]
JK: Has reviewed HTTP protocol. Created classes for each method.
15:16:28 [ChrisR]
JK: Content type and length property names are upper case, would like lower case.
15:17:32 [ChrisR]
SAZ: How classes and properties chosen?
15:18:54 [ChrisR]
JK: description of logic - seemed straightforward.
15:20:28 [ChrisR]
(discussion of delivery unit)
15:23:02 [ChrisR]
(should we call it delivery unit or web resource?)
15:24:42 [ChrisR]
JL: we should make properties lower case
15:25:41 [Zakim]
15:25:52 [shadi]
15:25:55 [shadi]
15:26:15 [Zakim]
15:27:06 [ChrisR]
SAZ: From FTF we decided that EARL can have multiple HTTP requests/respones that define what we're testing. Should not be a single resource.
15:27:58 [ChrisR]
JK: Glossary seems to be out of date with real usage.
15:29:23 [ChrisR]
SZ: A delivery unit is a series of requests/responses. This seems to be different from glossary.
15:31:26 [JohannesK]
thread on www-di about DUs starting with <>
15:31:58 [ChrisR]
SAZ: We should not confine our definition of delivery unit to single HTTP request.
15:33:21 [ChrisR]
SAZ: Can use Dublin Core "has part".
15:36:28 [ChrisR]
SAZ: question - use namespaces to differentiate?
15:39:56 [ChrisR]
JL: We need a way to capture headers.
15:41:47 [ChrisR]
SAZ: We should remove the EARL HTTP request/response because just wrappers.
15:44:02 [ChrisR]
action: JK will research issue of request/response and delivery unit and send to list.
15:48:56 [ChrisR]
zakim, close item 3
15:48:56 [Zakim]
agendum 3, extending the experimental HTTP namespace, closed
15:48:57 [Zakim]
I see 2 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
15:48:59 [Zakim]
4. using locations with XPath [from shadi]
15:49:42 [shadi]
zakim, take up item 4
15:49:42 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "using locations with XPath" taken up [from shadi]
15:51:04 [ChrisR]
JK: description of namespace difficulties
15:58:19 [ChrisR]
SAZ: we need more discussion - bring up on next call
15:58:48 [ChrisR]
zakim, close item 4
15:58:48 [Zakim]
agendum 4, using locations with XPath, closed
15:58:49 [Zakim]
I see 1 item remaining on the agenda:
15:58:50 [Zakim]
5. Robust metadata revisited [from shadi]
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16:00:45 [Zakim]
16:00:47 [Zakim]
16:00:53 [Zakim]
16:00:54 [Zakim]
WAI_ERTWG()10:00AM has ended
16:00:55 [Zakim]
Attendees were Shadi, carlos, chris, Jim_Ley
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rrsagent, make minutes world
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I'm logging. I don't understand 'make minutes world', shadi. Try /msg RRSAgent help
16:01:27 [JibberJim]
why doesn't Zakim know about Johannes?
16:01:27 [shadi]
rrsagent, make logs world
16:01:48 [shadi]
jim, jhannes and carlos were sharing a phone
16:02:00 [shadi]
johannes in not in stealth mode :)
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rrsagent, make minutes
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zakim, bye
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rrsagent, bye
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I see 1 open action item saved in :
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ACTION: JK will research issue of request/response and delivery unit and send to list. [1]
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