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Hi Jim
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Hi Jan
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waiting for Cathy
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ok I'm calling in now.
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19:02:15 [JR]
JA: Some notice from Al Gilman for CL's changes.
19:02:37 [JR]
action JA : Ask Al about next steps for chart.
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+ +1.416.946.aaaa
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19:05:32 [JR]
JA: Maybe put in another column? Actually leace it up to PF to decide what to do with UAAG comments.
19:05:56 [JR]
CL: CL had made comments to Rich months ago.
19:06:42 [JR]
CL: Public roadmap included some bad links.
19:07:10 [JR]
3. Building test cases for the Roadmap. Discussion. Are they needed?
19:07:33 [JR]
JA: Feeling that they are needed...but is it too soon?
19:07:54 [JR]
CL: Some links go to test cases....also we may be missing test cases for some.
19:08:31 [JR]
JA: Right.
19:09:02 [JR]
CL: For Value_change there may be a couple of simplate examples but nothing with Javascript etc.
19:09:52 [JR]
zakim, simlate=simple
19:09:52 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'simlate=simple', JR
19:11:36 [JR]
UAAG requires notification of value change events.
19:12:12 [JR]
JA: But there is some nuance - many non-meaningful changes.
19:12:29 [JR]
CL: THey want it as an option.
19:13:04 [JR]
JA: Seems we need deeper level tests - but not sure we are ones to develop.
19:13:23 [JR]
JA: Our tests are just HTML, not very much Jaascript.
19:13:49 [JR]
CL: There is one that contains some colour change.
19:14:25 [JR]
JA: DOM event things are getting dicey. Critical when hauling in roles etc.
19:14:47 [JR]
CL: Doing lots of work to bring these to Accessibility API from the DOM level.'
19:16:49 [JR]
CL: Shouldn't get roles and events (e.g. value change) mixed together
19:18:08 [JR]
JA: Was remembering that XHTML 2.0 roles can be pulled in and affects how ua's render certain things.
19:18:22 [JR]
CL: Applies to XHTML 1.0 stuff as well.
19:18:45 [JR]
with link, rel, etc.
19:19:29 [JR]
JA: Will talk to Al about making more tests and then put these in the ua test suite.
19:20:08 [JR]
JA: PF probably needs to write them.
19:20:19 [JR]
CL: Other areas or roadmap to evaluate?
19:22:09 [JR]
CL: Later in the doc are refs to two other docs, one on role taxonomies, the other on ???
19:23:01 [JR]
Actually three: WAI States and Adaptable Properties Module , WAI Role Taxonomy for Accessible Adaptable Applications , XHTML2 Specificaton (includes XForms)
19:23:52 [JR]
CL: For linux access we looked at Role taxoonomy to see if they all existed in the API and then enlarged the API to cover these roles.
19:24:34 [JR]
CL: Some roles might be redundant or unnecessary.
19:25:40 [JR]
eg. in UAAG it says you must be able to nav directly to certain places, but in the taxonomy things get VERY specific.
19:26:10 [JR]
JA: Widget roles are less controversial.
19:27:09 [JR]
JA: Let's start with strctural codes.
19:27:58 [JR]
19:28:18 [JR]
(URL for Role Properties in the taxonomy)
19:29:01 [JR]
CL: Will said all initial comments on this doc to the list.
19:29:05 [JR]
19:29:21 [JR]
CL: Then will take another look from the UAAG perspective.
19:37:30 [JR]
CL: The idea behind this is that containers (e.g. spreadhseet, tree stuructures) weren't well defined - there are 10 or so predfined roles - but may have gone too far,
19:37:48 [JR]
(in XHTML 2.0)
19:37:59 [JR]
But his current document has even more.
19:38:26 [JR]
pages, sections, etc.
19:39:01 [JR]
In firefox access tree goes right through the application into the content so there needs to ba a document boundary.
19:39:58 [JR]
"Presentational" is controverisal because some say its a style not a role.
19:44:08 [JR]
CL: We can really help them with theri role defs
19:44:21 [JR]
CL: I confusing thing is grid vs. table.
19:44:44 [JR]
CL: Thinks of grids as generic term for tables, spreadsheets, etc.
19:45:03 [JR]
CL: But clear def is very important for these terms.
19:48:50 [JR]
JA: Shall we add a UA comments column to the structual role table?
19:48:58 [JR]
CL: We need to comment.
19:49:39 [JR]
CL: Don't think UAAG has spent much time on layout vs. data table.
19:49:48 [JR]
CL: WCAG does spend time on it.
19:51:38 [JR]
JA: Working on this is a very useful next step.
19:51:57 [JR]
Action CL: send comments on taxonomy
19:54:26 [JR]
JR: Related to UAAG 9.9?
19:54:49 [JR]
CL: Maybe as technique.
19:55:05 [JR]
CL: Mayve also provide an index of important sturctures.
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zakim, list particpants
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I don't understand 'list particpants', jallan
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zakim, list attendees
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sorry, jallan, I don't know what conference this is
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zakim, bye
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