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The W3C Mobile Web Initiative

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The Mobile Web Initiative

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Stéphane Boyera

International Conference & Workshop on Web Technologies

New Delhi, India, November 10 2005


Problems for Network Operators

Stagnating Voice ARPU - Low Data ARPU :

Problems for Network Operators

Figures by countries (source )

Mobile-phone and mobile-web access penetration by countries

Problems for Mobile Web Users

Problems for Mobile Web Users (2)

Problems for Content Authors

mobiles in christmas 2004


Problems for Content Authors (2)

Hardware Limitation?

Probably not :

But battery is still a problem

Missing Web Technologies?

Probably not :

But implementations are still on their way

Is the Mobile Web needed at all?

For sure YES !

The Roots of the Mobile Web Initiative

The Roots of the Mobile Web Initiative (2)

The Mobile Web Initiative

Why an Initiative?

Why W3C is leading?

Why W3C is leading? (2)

Multiple URIs needed to access this radio station site in Japan Multiple URIs needed to access this Japanese Automobile Federation site

Why W3C is leading? (3)

Good liaisons with other standardization bodies in the mobile space

MWI Steering Council

MWI Sponsors

MWI Sponsor logo MWI Sponsors

MWI Participants

Afilias Limited AOL Argo Interactive AT&T BBC
Boeing CDAC Drutt Corporation ETRI ElMundo
Ericsson France Telecom Fondation CTIC Fondation ONCE Google
Indus Net Technologies HTML Writers Guild ICRA Mobileaware mTLD Consortium
Nokia NTT DoCoMo Openwave Opera Royal National Institute for the Blind
Segala M Test Sevenval AG T-Online TIM Italia University of Helsinki
Vodafone Volantis WURFL Team


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Contact : Philipp Hoschka and Stéphane Boyera

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