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zakim, [IBM] is claws
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+claws; got it
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18:05:08 [jallan]
dp on pfwg
18:06:29 [jallan]
pfwg and xhtmlwg working together. UAWG needs to coordinate more.
18:08:18 [jallan]
cl: how does roadmap map to uaag
18:08:40 [jallan]
dp: roadmap is all on the content delivery side.
18:09:09 [jallan]
cl: browser and assistive technolgy had to change to meet requirements of roadmap
18:09:39 [jallan]
dp: JAWS 7 works with firefox - mostly.
18:10:48 [jallan]
dp: with Firefox 1.5 beta
18:11:28 [jallan]
cl: we are testing firefox with windoweyes, developing a list for firefox changes.
18:12:56 [jallan]
cl: screen readers focusing on basic access. not for example meta refresh.
18:14:23 [jallan]
cl: microsoft has developed custom interface elements for assitive technolgy. these may not yet exist in firefox.
18:18:42 [jallan]
cl: roadmap to give a role and description to the eventhandlder so assistive technology can pick it up and reveal to user.
18:18:57 [jallan]
*** uaag needs a technique for this.
18:28:01 [jallan]
discussion of uaag checkpoint 1.2
18:31:33 [jallan]
dp: JAWS has hot keys for list of links, headings, forms, frames, etc.
18:40:50 [jallan]
can we address requirements of roadmap through additions to the techniques or need a new version of uaag
18:42:06 [jallan]
cl: can have multiple carets and selections in a document, are Assistive technologies getting confused. Problems with multiple selections.
18:44:34 [jallan]
you must seperate single input caret vs selection caret (boundries) or multiple selection...need different names and behaviors
18:47:42 [jallan]
ACTION: all - review table 2.0 in
18:53:06 [jallan]
ACTION: all add column titled UAAG, add relevant checkpoint and reasoning as to why it applies - report to list for discussion
18:57:19 [jallan]
ACTION: Claws - trackdown definitions of required components...send url to list
19:11:32 [jallan]
ACTION: Jim - get with Al Gilman - how to subscribe to wai-xtech
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Attendees were Jim_Allan, DPoehlman, claws
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rrsagent, set logs world-visible
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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