An XMPP binding for SPARQL (draft)

This document serves as a placeholder associated with the experimental use of the URI within XMPP messages. XMPP's <iq> construct allows different kinds of query to be indicated via an xmlns: prefix that carries a URI. At the time of writing there is no formal URI assigned for a SPARQL/XMPP binding by W3C or IETF; nor for that matter any documented binding at all. This current URI was published for the purposes of experimentation with SPARQL/XMPP within the Semantic Web Interest Group. It should be considered informal, experimental, undocumented etc.; it has also had no peer review from DAWG or XMPP experts, so be warned that applications using the URI as a way of identifying their SPARQL-over-XMPP abilities will likely have interoperability issues.

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